What It’s All About

For those of you who didn’t catch my first post about what this site is about, it is simply about finding the magic and wonderment in everything each day. If I find something inspiring, or find something beautiful about, say the human nature, I’ll blog about it through, art, photos, and writing of course! Also, this blog will talk about the various injustices around the world, and mostly about Michael Jackson because I am a fan who’s dedicated to defending his innocence. However, I will strive to make this site about other things like great photos I may come across or capture myself of nature, or things I sketch or paint ^^Enjoy!

PS: The drawings you find on this blog you will only find on my DeviantArt, Instagram, or Tumblr, no where else. The same goes for my writings. If you happen to come across one of my drawings or stories on fanfiction sites or see other people claiming my work as theirs, please let me know. The background for this blog is a collage of my drawings of MJ, just to let you know.



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