#MJFAM The Problem With Non Black POC MJ Fans co-opting our Perspectives


Hello everyone. I’d like to call something to your attention regarding an incident that happened yesterday between me and Samar (@theMJAP) on Twitter. Basically, he was very anti Black towards me after accusing me of ripping off his videos about Michael’s pro Black moves.

The post he slandered was published in October 2015, called “An Analysis of Michael Jackson’s Pro-Blackness“. This was posted waaay before I knew that the MJap was doing videos on MJ’s Blackness. Before our interactions turned sour, I sent Samar a link to my post as a show of solidarity, hoping we could converse about Michael’s love for being Black, and the pos flat out accused me of plagiarizing his work; as if his blog is the ultimate pinnacle of MJ research. I hadn’t even followed his blog until this year. Also, I was only aware of his videos when he posted them on Twitter more recently. He said I needed to “cite my sources”, implying that I used his blog/channel as a source, which I did not ( don’t flatter yourself honey). What was anti Black about it all, was number one, him speaking over me and thinking that he owned the only valid interpretation of Michael’s political moves as a Black man.

When you claim to be an ally to an oppressed group, first of all, you do not put yourself at the forefront of knowledge. Samar implied that I can’t have possibly taken a quote I used from Ralph Ellison’s “Invisible Man” and interpreted that on my own, as if I as a Black woman who has read Ellison’s work, could not have possibly figured that out on my own! Oh no! Then he went further to say that it was “uncanny” how we both talked about the Ralph Ellison reference, as if the phrase “am I invisible because you ignore me?” wasn’t commonly known.

I read and analysed The Invisible Man in high school. I still have drafts of the book report, however, here’s a screenshot of my email to prove I rented and read the damn book:

Inkedinvisible man proof_LI.jpg

Now shut the hell up, Samar.

I could go on and on about how problematic his behavior towards me was, however I explained it all much better on twitter. The anger was fresher a day ago.

When you take things that anyone can research and claim it as your own, you’re sending the wrong message to the people you supposedly represent and support. Any student of Michael’s music could look up the historical meaning behind Olodum (which I did, Olodum has a website), or plainly see not just from statistics, but from experience, that Michael represented overcrowding of African Americans and Men of Color in prisons. It doesn’t take “academia” to see that. I cite my sources every time I write a blog post. Every time. The only reason you don’t see a list of sources in the article I wrote is because, number one, you’re lazy as fuck because I insert quotes that are Michael’s own words. He’s my source. Number two, I know you’re old as fuck Samar, but there’s this thing where you can put links to your “sources” inside of a paragraph. It’s called a link.  You’ll find those in the article you so lazily skimmed over.

In that article I provided a link to where I got the list of books MJ read from-which was the rhythmofthetide blog. ⬅️[ oh look! A hyperlink!]

Another issue Samar had with my blog post, is my mentioning the part in Black or White where Michael said “I ain’t scared of no sheets!”

OH NO! What could that phrase possibly mean??? My Black Southern ass is SO confused! Help me figure this one out Samar! Who’s ancestors were hanged by men in sheets, you literal dick? Yeah, I took that from your blog. Mmmhmm. Even when people in sheets still are allowed to exist and hang/shoot my people. Honestly fuck you lol. Just because you mentioned the elephant in the room “first”, doesn’t mean no one else can.

Now, let’s review the definition of plagiarism, shall we?


“the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.”

Sam here thinks that his ideas here are original, just because he talked about them. His idea to talk about them in his own way is original, however the research itself is not his experience nor his idea. I wrote a blog post on Michael’s Blackness, and it so happens that Sam and I both talk about the same subjects. Why? Because, well, I can only speak for myself. The subject matter pertains to me as a Black person. I could identify certain things Michael did as a black person. He is part of the reason why I “woke up”. When I wrote that post, I realized that my “ideas” were commonly known, not just in the MJ fanbase. I was overjoyed that other people could understand and appreciate his contributions. Samar thinks that because our ideas overlapped, that I ripped off all his hard research. Sam, you have a lot more to learn, as I find your brand of allyship to be very insincere. Just because we talked about the same things, does not mean I ever visited your blog. I was barely on the internet, let alone twitter in 2011.

I do not view my analysis of Michael’s Blackness to be my own ideas or work. It’s the work of my ancestors, and the Black MJ fans who came before me. Those are the people I draw inspiration from. Know that if I wanted to make my own academic blog about Michael Jackson, I would. And I most definitely wouldn’t use that man-baby as a reference.