The 11 Year Trial



On June 13th,2005 Michael Jackson was acquitted of 14 counts of child molestation, kidnap, and administering alcohol to an underage sick child. Think about those charges for a moment and how serious they are. They tried to say Michael conspired with at least two other people to kidnap and kill the Arvizo family- which was disproved. They tried to say he administered alcohol to Gavin Arvizo in order to molest him countless times-which again, was disproved in court. Staff at Neverland Ranch repeatedly testified to the Arvizo family being very disrespectful and even violent. Star and Gavin would threaten the maids, get pass codes to secret areas and go in Michael’s things while he was not around. It is no secret that he and Star brought their own adult porn to Neverland.This is all in court documents and testimony. It is very confusing as to why the media keeps re-releasing the same debunked story from 11 years ago. In 2004 the media tried to release false information about the trial, that they found child porn in Michael’s residencies, which was shut down even by the prosecution!


Statement released in 2004 from the office of defense attorney Tom Mesereau

Websites like @DailyMail or @Radar_Online are known for constantly releasing false information about Michael Jackson and his family. This has been going on for years yet people are acting like this news is a fresh discovery. It is not widely known that Michael had solid alibis for each of these dates he supposedly molested these children. It is not widely know that Michael never invited random children that he didn’t even know, into his bed. According to numerous people who testified in the trial, his bedroom alone was like a two story apartment. He never asked anyone to sleep in his bed and said that numerous times. Another thing the public does not know is that Michael often gave his bed to guests who wanted to sleep in his room, and slept down stairs or on the floor. The media tried so hard to hide all of this information, but by publishing lies, it enables fans to spread the truth. Michael did not only have children sleeping in his bedroom. It has been proven that adults would sleep in his room with their kids as well. His nieces and nephews slept in there.



Allow me to address the subject of Michael “inviting” people into his room. I already established that he never invited anyone into his room. The media claims that he would take random kids in there which is totally false. He had children come to Neverland from inner cities on field trips or from the Make A Wish foundation, they would play all day and be entertained, and then go home. It was not a big sleep over event like the news would have you believe.

I will not post court testimony here because I have been repeating myself for too long. Karen Faye, Jermaine Jackson, Taj Jackson, Paris and Prince Jackson have all taken to social media to defend Michael. I strongly urge that society stop claiming to be informed without actually doing the necessary work to be informed. When Michael said that kids followed him everywhere and that they wanted to “be” with him it was not in a sexual way.


I will not post images or links to this Daily Mail story. I will only reiterate what I already said in the beginning of this post. These lies originated from a popular tabloid called Radar Online. These outlets are connected, so whenever they post something about MJ, they twist it to make him look sinister and it spreads to other outlets. They have been doing this since the 80s. I have already posted the statement that Judge Melville signed off on to give Tom Mesereau permission to confirm that the reports the police found child porn at Neverland Ranch is FALSE. This was in 2004 people! Do you now see how you cannot trust the media to give you up to date and accurate information all the time? They repeat this story for 11 years and fans and his family have had to deal with it. The general public thinks that this is a new thing! Taj Jackson is one of Michael’s nephews. He defends his uncle to death and is about to pursue legal action against each of these outlets for using his image to claim that shirtless pictures of the 3T band that he’s apart of was included in the “naked children” statement  they found in Michael’s ranch.

On Snapchat they are claiming that Michael had a secret sex closet, which is ridiculous! This smear campaign is nothing but a huge attack on Michael’s race, legacy, and sexuality-and the lies were published five days before the anniversary of his death. Michael was a non gender role conforming heterosexual man who was slightly androgynous. People think that a man collecting toys and dolls is evidence of sexual perversion, and it was so easy for the media to spin it that way. He may not have had what’s considered a normal hobby but he bought toys to give to kids in orphanages for the most part. It wasn’t just about him. Not all men have to love sports or collect cars-which Michael did a little of both anyway. That closet was full of things he’d collected and earned throughout his career.


I already wrote a short blog post about the settlements Michael “made” in the past but I will not link them in this post because I feel like the public are screaming about these settlements as an admission of his guilt without actually analyzing why the settlements were made, and also what the terms were.

“It is General practice for an insurer to be entitled to control settlement negotiations and the insured [MICHAEL JACKSON] is precluded from any interference…under the majority of contracts for liability insurance, the absolute control of the defense of the matter is turned over to the INSURANCE COMPANY and the insured is excluded from any interference in any negotiation for settlement or other legal proceedings…the insured may not interfere with nor prevent such settlements.”

This is a screen shot of an actual court document. I highlighted the essential parts because the general public does not understand and the media refuses to report this. Michael Jackson was the one being insured on the Dangerous tour by his insurance company. They took control of the settlements to prevent any liability to their company. So, a company payed settlements to Jordan Chandler’s family in 1994, NOT Michael Jackson. Michael wanted the criminal trial to move forward so that he could testify on the stand in order to exonerate himself, but once the company payed the Chandlers they dropped the criminal charges. Nothing prevented them from testifying against Michael Jackson in the future. A lot of people like to forget that Evan Chandler and Blanca Francia demanded money from Michael because they felt they were entitled to it. These were very greedy people and they aren’t the only ones who wanted money.

A lot of people forget that Evan Chandler tried to kill his own child for the settlement money. He never cared about Jordan and even said he would finance his dream to become a screenwriter and if Michael did not help him he would take him down with everyone else. The media never reported that Evan was later accused of molesting one of his patients. That court document is out there. I will link all of my sources at the bottom of this post because I have had enough.

Another word I need you all to pay attention to in the court document segment above? Notice the word “expedient”.

An insurance carrier has the right to settle claims covered when it decides settlement is expedient.”


The definition of expedient means convenient. So in other words an insurance company has the right to settle if it is convenient for them, no matter if it is viewed as immoral. Stop saying that Michael payed hush money to kids families when the FBI and IRS had track of where all his finances went from 1980-present. Stop saying that there were new FBI files released that showed he had child porn. That is false. False allegations happen not as frequently as rape happens, but they DO happen. Michael Jackson’s FBI files are public information. His insurance only payed two settlements in the 90s. Go to and search through the Vault. Type in Michael’s name and see that in each of his files he was stalked and threatened by mentally unstable fans, and that they found no child porn on any of his computers. The only thing they found in his house was adult porn because he was a heterosexual man who had a right to view what he liked. He never showed anyone his stash and that’s in court evidence. I could go into detail all day but the point is, fans are not your personal Google search engine. Read it for yourself and stop believing everything you see and hear on the news. This man has been on trial for what seems eleven years. Every time his name is mentioned someone states that he’s either guilty, or they’re undecided on how to feel about him. Let him rest in peace and stop attacking his reputation and legacy.