The Dangers of Helping Everybody (UPDATED 09/02/2016)


Where do I even begin? The past years on Twitter have been a roller coaster. From racism to harassment from 2014- 2015 to being manipulated into helping someone take down the wrong person. I’ll get to that in a second. For some reason a lot of people in this fan base think I am a “queen” or the ultimate person to come to about their problems. In the beginning it wasn’t an issue because I did not have as many followers but I am just now realizing; I can’t be everything to everyone at once. So, I ended up closing my direct messages and only focusing on the people I truly know. I don’t even consider myself popular in this fanbase to be honest.

Now, about that whole “going after the wrong person” thing. I am unable to find the words for how I was used and manipulated into spreading false information about someone named V, who is quite popular to a certain section of the Michael Jackson fanbase. It all started for me in December 2015, when two or three friends (I’ll just call them S, C, and Flav) came to me saying someone was being very misogynistic towards them, especially towards Flav. So I asked how I could help. S told me that Flav was feeling depressed. Suffering from severe depression myself, I went to Flav in DMs to see what was the matter. To simplify all of this, I thought that V was pursuing Flav as a minor so I became suspicious. People who were friends with V started slut shaming S and Flav for calling V out, because S and Flav felt V was being very disrespectful. I intervened because she had told me he was 18, pursuing Flav while she was a minor, which is not right, or legal. But it turns out that he was actually just talking to her while he was 17 and she was 15, and I guess maybe Flav expected a relationship but V was not interested in her because she was too young, He was college age. I cannot elaborate any further and I don’t  claim to know what else went down in their friendship, because I was not there.

Flav was not very clear with me in the beginning so I started immediately becoming suspicious of V. I cannot remember exactly what else happened because this all went down in December, but somewhere along the line someone led everyone to believe that V was predatory. Who this “someone”is, I will get to in a moment. So, I initially started calling V and his followers out for bullying and misogyny. Then S and C started believing V was predatory. So everyone started to call V out. My guess would be this “someone” caught wind of this suspicion and ran with it, and started spreading rumors that V was a pedophile out of revenge. Looking back on how this person moved so silently still manages to creep me out. Thoroughly.

Fast forward to May 13, 2016. An account called “stopfakersofmj” comes into my messages with a bunch of screenshots and I become curious. My first instinct was to block the account because a lot of the information of the page was not credible and the person behind it seemed mentally unstable, but I ignored my intuition and looked at their posts. This managed to creep me out because I saw some screenshots where V was talking about me and some of my followers in DMs. At first I thought that someone had posed as a friend to get screenshots of him being “inappropriate” with young fans. So that made me go into full alert and I became angry because I saw DMs where V was talking to his friends about me in a negative way. And I mentioned V, and did a periscope and told my followers to tag him in it. I cursed him out for talking shit but in hindsight I know he did it now because he was angry that I was going along with false rumors about him. I’m not defending some of the things he and other people said about me that were problematic though.It also turns out that the screenshots of group chats involving  V were either doctored, or cropped because those chats all involved people that were 18+ in age.

After I did my periscope chat cursing V out, I created a group DM with people that I could absolutely trust (with the exception of one person), and we went to work investigating who was behind a particular account named saturdayxbang, because at that time we were all under the impression that V was a stalker with multiple accounts. We thought that saturdayxbang was him as well. By the way, these friends I mentioned were not directly involved with calling V out, so I will not mention them for their safety. Just know we’re very good at doing research and investigating. I did not come to the conclusions I’m about to list, on my own.

Long story short, when all this chaos was going on, two other people approached me in DMs. I’ll call them A, and In*. A was pulled into this by In*, so I do not blame her for helping me go after V. In* and A told me that C (my friend from earlier) was behind saturdayxbang. Also someone in the private chat told me the same thing. So I became suspicious of C, wondering why, if she was one of the first people to come to me about V possibly being predatory, why she would suddenly change her tune and start supporting and defending V. I came to C in DMs, where she revealed that she lied to me about being saturdayxbang. I became angry at her for not being honest with me but I eventually moved on from that. She said she was scared to tell me because she didn’t know how I would respond to her. C also told me that she only became saturdayxbang to spy on certain people, in order to help with getting the truth out about V, I guess.

I knew something was off when she revealed that she was defending V. So, I went back to DMs in the group chat with my trustworthy friends and said that C was indeed behind saturdayxbang. That is when one of my  friends (call her S) alerted me to a pressing issue, but then I knew something was definitely wrong when she DMed me separately from the entire group. “Do not trust Liyah” she told me. And so I kept “Liyah” in the dark in the private chat then created another more secure chat so we all could speak freely. S revealed to me that she had been speaking to C and V. I was surprised. At first I was skeptical. I did not trust V however C was being honest and telling the truth with me about being behind that saturday account. So I decided to listen to S. She told me that Liyah lied and gave me proof that Liyah knew V was innocent since December 2015. Once I found out that Liyah had been witholding information I became enraged, and plotted.

While I plotted to call all of these people out publicly (I made a list of five people), S revealed to me that V had a stalker, someone who began all those rumors about V in the first place. So I DMd V and apologized for helping to spread that misinformation, because it was damaging to his reputation. I planned to get the truth out, and V told me he suspected at least 3 people who may have been encouraged by this unknown stalker to spread these rumors. Call them Kim, In*, and Liyah.

That’s right. Liyah.

Aside from this stalker situation, Liyah was so focused on getting back at C for personal beef that did not involve me, that she let me call V out on May 13th. She knew he was innocent all along yet let me continuously call V out, even before that. What she did was unforgivable but in the end she did manage to tell me some truth. I called her, Kim, In*, and Kelsey out publicly, as well as the stopfakersofmj account. As soon as I make an evidence thread I will post it to this blog.

Let me shorten this story because if I go into full detail about what went down this post will go on forever. Basically, I interrogated each of them. V told me Kim may have started rumors about him and teamed up with Kelsey out of jealousy, which would not be hard to believe because I have notes of her that V gave me, telling him to stay away from C, and other women in the fandom she was jealous of.  That is one reason why I called In* and Kim out publicly. In* still has not responded to me to defend herself if she is innocent of spreading these rumors. I did however catch Kim in many lies. I do not claim to know if she started those rumors against V because she does not even follow Kelsey. In the beginning she defended V against rumors, but I called her out anyway just to see her reaction. Also, besides her being suspected of spreading rumors, I discovered that she was talking shit about me behind a locked account, despite us having unfollowed each other over a year ago. Apparently she lied about me to people in the fandom, claiming that I, a pro-black African American woman mixed with Indian ancestry, hated V because he was mixed with Black, European, and Indian ancestry. How absurd. I came after her for that, and she blocked me for catching her in a lie.Not only did I get this information from V, I got it from someone who I’ll call “Han”.

Han told me also that Kim was spreading mess about me to a girl named Kelley and she had proof. Kim is mixed herself, and Kelley is white. Kim had the audacity to complain to Kelley about my pro-black tweets. And Kelley complained about me to  a girl named Guilia. I have never followed Kelley or Guilia so their stupid asses had no business making assumptions about me. If Guilia wants to speak to me it wouldn’t be wise because I ‘ll come after her too for trying to discredit my evidence that Kelsey is behind the stopfakers account. And she doesn’t have shit to say to my face, like all cowards do. I have no problem saying each of their names publicly because I’m tired of fake people playing the victim after talking shit. If we never followed or known each other the best thing for you to do is keep your mouth shut and stop claiming to know me or my intentions. They all deleted their tweets towards me, acting like I don’t have screenshots.

Kim, being the coon she is, had the audacity to talk to a white person saying I was racist. If she knew anything about racism, it’s that people of color cannot be racist to white people, but I already explained that in a previous post. It gives you a bad look, as a black person, to cater to white feelings and dismiss actual racism for their approval.

Anyway, don’t worry this story is drawing to a close soon. About Kelsey. I immediately started researching this guy. V told me his full name because they used to talk to each other regularly. V also told me the reason why Kelsey is doing all this is because he tried to warn some fans back then about Kelsey, who is a 50 year old white man that posed as a minor in order to pursue a relationship with young fans, in a sexual way (this is what V told me). I became disgusted. Not only because I and a lot of people went after the wrong person, but because this man would dare make his “hunting ground” the fanbase of a black man who was falsely accused of molestation himself, MJ.

You guys will not believe what I’m going to say next.

I found out that Kelsey followed In*, and Liyah. So, I asked him why he followed them and he repeatedly dodged my questions and denied even knowing these people. He lied, because Liyah was able to give me screenshots of this man coming into her and another person’s DMs, encouraging them to spread rumors that V is a pedophile. So, I believe that Kelsey may have managed to turn some of the fandom against V at some point in November-December 2015, because those screen shots I got from Liyah were dated in November. Not only did I discover this, I went to Kelsey’s locked account that V told me about, and it had “STOP FAKERS OF MJ” in big ass print, plastered and edited onto a newspaper in his background. Kelsey claims that I illegally got his name and pictures but he publicly posted them. I don’t even know how to hack and get addresses. If that were the case, I would have put a stop to the intense and unwarranted harassment I went though from 2014-2015.

Not only did Kelsey change his background after I made those connections, FLAV, one of the people I mentioned earlier, one of the first people who came to me about V, told me that Kelsey once tried to come to her about V on another one of his accounts that is now suspended! Like I said, this guy moved silently. He even followed me from his king_mike_1958 account (he recently changed the name, btw) and took screenshots of all of my tweets against V in order to use them against me. If Kelsey is reading this, please know I am not the one to trifle with. How dare you and others use me as a tool when I as just trying to help a friend in the first place, Flav. Flav should have spoken up earlier then I would not have gone after V the way I did. It doesn’t matter now because it’s in the past.

Kelsey, whether you are a pedophile or not, you have an unhealthy obsession with V and you need to cease and desist all of your actions. Your entire account is libel. You involved me in this and you keep mentioning me despite my many efforts to tell you to stop. I want nothing to do with your revenge against V because really, all of you put me in this and I should not have been so eager to help anyone in the first place. That’s how I got into this crazy situation! Now I have no choice but to pursue the truth. Do not make me get the law involved because I broke no laws. You however are obviously guilty of cyber stalking and harassment. I will file a cyber stalking report with the FBI if you refuse to stop using my tweets to slander an innocent person. Whatever problem you have with V, he will deal with you. Leave me and other people out of this because you’re making this a bigger mess than it has to be. This is your last warning.


 UPDATE 09/02/16

Looking back on this post, all I can really say is…ew. So many things have changed since May. For instance, I forgave “Liyah” and it turns out V was lying to me all long as well. Kelsey may not be a pedophile but that’s none of my concern. I was making little changes to the blog and came across this painfully awkward post again. I considered deleting it, but it is after all a chronicle of my experiences on Twitter. Turns out V did not like the fact that Kelsey was teaming up with a “stop MJ fakers” account so he may have made up the story (to me) that Kelsey was a pedophile as revenge for fans reporting him to the stopfakers account as someone pretending to be MJ. This is a big deal in the fandom. People who pretend to be MJ take advantage of unstable fans and build a following, which I do think V is guilty of to some extent. I mean, he did use someone else’s photo for a while before he was called out again and forced to do a video proving it was him. And he creeped me out majorly. I don’t know why I even  engaged myself with people like that but it goes to show the people you think you can trust on social media often cannot be trusted. What creeped me out especially about V is, he used to tell his followers to call him “Michael”, and when I volunteered to help squash rumors about him being a pervert (I still think he’s predatory and misogynisitc in some form) he started acting as if he went through the same trials and tribulations that MJ did, even calling the day I called those people out for him “Victory Day.”

That’s right, Victory Day, the same title given to June 13, 2005 when MJ beat his allegations. It highly creeped me out and when I changed my mind about supporting V, people turned against me. It was foolish and naive of me to call anyone out even though I saw partially involved in this mess thinking I was helping someone. I should have let V handle his own business because some ex-friends I investigated this situation with took sides with him. They were blinded by his sob stories. V claimed to care about and be a protector of women but would tweet some disgusting misogynistic stuff about his female ex-followers, including Liyah. The fact that they would keep coming back to him sounds like a cycle of abusive behavior and entitlement. It’s also insane for lack of a better word. I got the feeling that V liked to be the center of attention and turn his female followers against one another as well. Anyway, I just thought I would update this so I wouldn’t leave everyone hanging (like anyone actually reads this blog lol).