Racism in the Michael Jackson Fanbase Part 2


Yes, I’m back again with another rant about the racism I have encountered while being a Michael Jackson fan. It’s not just me experiencing this, mind you. I have plenty of friends who are Black/POCs that can tell you many stories about the casual-and not so casual- racism they’ve experienced in the fan base as well. I want to make this as short as possible, because it feels like I have to keep repeating myself. Firstly, if you have not read the first part of this article, I advise that you do so in order that you may get a notion of what’s been going on.

Secondly, I need to bring to your attention a heated interaction I had with a so called Michael Jackson fan who supports the most racist presidential candidate Donald Trump, who goes by the name of MattsFTR on YouTube. I was disgusted, along with many others, that someone who claimed to support a socially conscious Black star who hated all forms of racism and prejudice, would so blatantly support someone as bigoted as Trump. Unfortunately, some fans must think that Vitiligo has the ability to change one’s race. They must have forgotten that Mike was always a proud Black man.

No, Donald Trump was not a true friend to Michael Jackson, and I will not do MJ the disservice of posting Trump’s pictures on this blog. My layout is too pretty for that. Also, I know Trump was not a true friend, because where was Trump’s public endorsement of Michael’s innocence in 1993 and 2005? Did he send him money to help with legal bills? Did he risk his career by defending him, or did he even call him after the trial in 2005? Not to my knowledge. Now he wants to drop Michael’s name just for attention from the media. Well, it worked unfortunately. Jermaine was not happy at all, and he had every  right to be mad.

Now, back to my little argument with Matt. Before I was made aware that he supports Trump, I thought he was a legitimate fan who cared about Michael’s legacy. I watched his videos from time to time because the profanity was funny, and he managed to prove some MJ haters wrong.

However, I no longer support him or watch his videos. I haven’t watched them in a year, if I recall correctly. You find more factual info and disproving of haters on the Vindicate MJ site, to be honest. No “activist” for MJ is perfect, but what I won’t tolerate is racism, or the deliberate twisting of the truth.

White entitlement is dangerous. I don’t believe all white people have a innate sense of entitlement, but a lot do. It could range anywhere from a white person demanding you educate them or coddle their feelings (which I believe in the long run can damage a Black person’s mental well being), to them thinking we should all just go back to Africa if we’re not happy here-when THEY are the ones who have immigrant ancestors!

Not only did Matt proudly state this was one of his racist buddies he was joking around with (as evidenced in screenshots) he didn’t care to realize that laughing at the use of racial slurs was also enabling it.


Matt demanded that I, a Black person, give him proof of the existence of racism spewed by Trump that I and people like me are directly affected by. A prime example of white privilege and thinking you’re entitled to my space and time. Also, he constantly used misogynistic slurs and gaslighted me because he failed to come up with any valid points. These are not the kind of fans I want speaking up for a Black man’s legacy. Michael was very pro-black, and spoke about white privilege and whitewashing plenty of times. It is beyond me how some of you elect to “not see color” and not absorb the rich messages he left us, especially his people.

How dare you first of all, completely deny my experiences just because it doesn’t fit into your comfortable little narrative. There is no possible way you can defend Trump without me questioning your sanity. At all. Then he (Matt) kept displaying his lack of knowledge of micro aggressions by using them. He actually used the words “you people” when referring to Blacks and Muslims. That is a micro aggression with racial undertones. Ignorance!  He also pretended to have fake sympathy for one of my friends (who joined in the argument) because she said a temporary ban on Muslims that Trump endorsed would direct her directly. He said that a ban on Muslims was not racist.

He said that a ban on Muslims was not racist!

And you wonder why some Black people have a distrust towards white people sometimes? Some of you have absolutely terrible ways of thinking that you have to unlearn. You don’t get that what your ancestors did directly affects minorities to this day, but I will not repeat myself. Stop saying borderline racist things and getting mad when we correct you. Take that opportunity to learn something! Stop demanding that I coddle your feelings when I’m the one having to deal with much worse things than generalization. Racial jokes about you do not hold the same weight as the ones against me, and that’s obvious. I could go on all day about this, but at this point it’s redundant. I can only document things, and I will.

I’ve said this before, but if I have to defend MJ’s legacy at the expense of your “white feelings”, then so be it. There’s no way in hell I’ll let you whitewash his art. Oh, and I am no longer going to cater to anyone’s feelings by saying that pro black is not equal to anti white. That’s just another level of respectability politics that I don’t have time for.


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