“America’s Greatest TV Dad” vs The King of Pop


BillRecently, I’ve seen people comparing the late Michael Jackson to the likes of Bill Cosby. You’re probably asking “what do these two have in common?” Well, they were both beloved by America until allegations of abuse surfaced. For Cosby, this has been going on for decades. For Michael Jackson, this happened 10 years ago, in which he was tried and exonerated of all 14 charges with a unanimous jury decision. Also, there are only 2 people who accused Michael Jackson of molesting them. What is confusing to me is, why people are comparing a case in which one man was exonerated and proven to be innocent of these charges (where each accuser was discovered to have created false allegations for money), and the other, a self admitted predator who has evaded the spotlight when it comes to the allegations of having drugged and raped at least 40 women. I went on a “rant” about this days ago (as you can imagine, I was slightly pissed-imagine hearing the same lies and false facts about the Jackson cases for years on end and having to correct people whenever you mention him as your inspiration):

I want to examine the parallels between Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby for a moment. Let’s go back to what I said earlier about how they were both nationally loved and adored. I grew up watching Bill Cosby and listening to Michael Jackson (some what). At some point in my life I matured and learned to see famous people as regular people with extraordinary, otherworldly talents (and I’m only talking about MJ here when I say other worldly). America very much valued Bill Cosby, even as allegations have come out throughout the years. We still upheld him even if he talked down to the Black Community and saw us as just charity and a way to boost his ego ( I’m glad America is waking up and realizing that Cosby is not their TV Dad). Meanwhile, when Michael Jackson revealed that he had the skin disease vitiligo, and stopped using the darker makeup to hide the splotches, America turned a 180. Gossips sites started labeling him as something foreign, and the black community all but disowned him. People suddenly forgot that he was black, but he never forgot. While Bill Cosby was reprimanding and degrading the black youth to pull up their pants to be respected, Michael Jackson was educating black youth on how to be carefree, black, and powerful. A lot of people ignored his real messages because of his skin tone, and the White Media made sure to white wash his lyrics so that no one would realize that he was building the black community up. TDCAUMichael Jackson taught us about representation, about the importance of being who you are. He taught us that men can be expressive and unbelievably strong, that you can wear whatever you want and be whatever you desire to be. He taught us the significance of knowing our history. For the black community to expel one of our biggest champions and accept the lies fabricated against him in a heartbeat, yet continue to support the coonery (excuse my language) that is Bill Cosby while over looking his crimes is inexcusable. Bill Cosby is not Cliff Huxtable, but Michael Jackson is Michael Jackson. Mike didn’t play a character, he was open and vulnerable to the point of being crucified for it. Do not ever do him the injustice to compare a highly intelligent, sensitive being to the likes of a monster again. He deserves more credit than society gives him.

UPDATE (author’s note): I’d like to link anyone to this article that thinks that marrying into another race and having mixed children means that you hate your race. Ignorance and anti blackness will not be tolerated on this blog. Just because you have limited views on the diversity of blackness does not mean that what you state about Mike’s children is true. They know who they are, however you do not. Here’s another article if you refuse to believe Mike loved his race.

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  1. I heard about bill Cosby but couldn’t imagine anyone comparing him to MJ. I love how you explained and clarified the difference. When I read the title I felt the same way you did below. Great job

  2. I heard about the bill Cosby situation and was just as shocked. But I never knew he was compared to MJ!! I love how you explained the differences between them and I totally agree with you and your clarification explained how I felt when I read the title. Great Job

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