My Take on Rachel Dolezal


In light of the Rachel Dolezal situation, it seems as if people make it a habit to bring Michael Jackson into things that are not necessarily related to him. He is often used as a prop in order to further someone else’s bigoted point of view. Let’s be honest; the people saying that Michael Jackson was “trans-racial” (which there is absolutely no such thing) are not only ignorant and anti-black, but they are making excuses for a woman who posed as a black person to become a leader of the NAACP in Spokane, Washington. Not to mention, these people who are bringing MJ into this don’t actually care about him or his struggles as a black man who could not help the fact that he had skin diseases. There is no similarity that Michael Jackson and Rachel Dolezal have in common. None. Michael Jackson was constantly reminded of his race, and he was insanely pro-black. don’t believe me? Do a little research, it won’t hurt you. Rachel Dolezal is a disgusting fraud who used her white privilege to reach a position in a supposed “safe space” for Black people.

Michael Jackson was repeatedly vilified in the media because of his race. He was targeted for his acquisition of the Beatles catalog and every popular white artist’s songs that were on that catalog (Elvis for example). He constantly called out the wrong doings of whites who appropriated the “black sound” and our culture in order to make it popular. The racist media then chose to fixate on his changing appearance (which was due to the effects of Lupus, and Vitiligo). They attacked him for daring to be a nurturing man, for wearing makeup and having long hair. They attacked him for respecting children and trying to give them the childhood he never had. Instead of respecting his choices, the media were quick to label his vitiligo as “The Michael Jackson disease”, and also made a huge effort to discredit research for the condition. Not much was known about the disease in the 80s and 90s. However, Michael was not the first black person to have this disease, it only became well-known because of his celebrity.

He had to constantly defend his blackness, and that truly is a shame. The media had a hand in altering people’s perceptions about his message as an artist, a message which remained the same throughout his entire life. People were just too blinded by their negative perceptions of him to see that he truly loved being black and cared about the well-being of his community. Listen to his songs again and really understand the lyrics. He made speeches about how he experienced racism at the hands of police (and also a racist promotion company). Listen to this legend. His message is ever present and has nothing to do with the color of his skin. Do not compare his struggles to Rachel Dolezal. Dolezal has never struggled because of her race, Michael did. He was told he didn’t want to be who he was, and he’s not the only black person with vitiligo to receive those “you don’t want to be black” comments. That is damaging to people who suffer from the disease. You’re invalidating someone’s struggle all because they don’t fit your definition of blackness. Being black is more than how one feels, it’s were you came from, it is biology and physical traits along with a culture. No one can change their race. When you say that Michael Jackson wanted to be white and deny his vitiligo, you in effect call every other black person with the skin condition, a liar. He was born black and he died black. Vitligo does not change your race.

Michael deserves a long awaited apology from society for what was done to him for daring to be the most powerful black celebrity in the world. He is gone, let him rest in peace and uphold his legacy. Don’t you think his name has been dragged through the mud enough? Black people deserve an apology from Rachel Dolezal, and society in general. I am very tired of seeing our struggle commodified for the amusement of society. Rachel Dolezal, you are not one of us, and we are not your costume.