Did Michael Jackson Pay Families Off?


“It is GENERAL practice for an insurer to be entitled to control settlement negotiations..” “The insured is EXCLUDED from any interference in any negotiation for settlement or other legal proceedings..” “The INSURED (Michael Jackson) may NOT interfere with nor PREVENT such settlements.”

“It is UNFAIR for an insurance company’s settlement to be now held against Mr. Jackson…”
“Mr. Jackson could NOT interfere with his insurance carrier’s demand to settle the dispute.”

“Michael Jackson had no choice in the matter”. READ the fine print.

Court evidence and testimony speak for themselves. Do you want to know why MJ was accused of paying people off? Why families went to a civil settlement before a criminal one? It’s because the families who accused him knew that his insurance company would have to pay them for supposed “negligence”. They were after money. The Santa Barbara police department BULLIED kids into saying they had been molested. It’s DOCUMENTED. That is ILLEGAL. Tom Sneddon was head Prosecutor for this case. He encouraged his department to harass Michael Jackson and plant evidence. That is ILLEGAL. The families knew Michael Jackson could not interfere in the settlement negotiations, and once they got their money they did not pursue a CRIMINAL investigation.

A snippet of a video recording of Evan Chandler (the father of Jordan Chandler) planning to extort Michael Jackson. The full video is not available for copyright reasons,  however the full transcript for it is available here.

Evidence that Tom Sneddon planted evidence in the short video above and here.