Conversations and Upcoming MJ Projects #janfam #mjfam


What can I say? Janet’s been building anticipation for new music since August 2014

She had most people fooled for a good while but wow. The anticipation was slowly building and music has been lagging without 2 of the biggest entertainers in the industry. Janet surprised us all on her birthday last night and she basically broke the internet. She also trended at number two worldwide on Twitter.  You can see her big announcement here:

For fans of Michael Jackson there are also promising projects coming up for 2015 and 2016. Fans are anticipating another Documentary from Spike Lee for Off the Wall, as well as Thriller and HIStory in 3D, Dangerous 25, and there were even talks of a movie coming out. We already know that more unheard music from the King of Pop is planned to be released, so I can personally say that as a fan of both artists, I’m very excited! I feel as if Janet is about to inspire a new generation of people and bring even more innovation into the music industry, or as she called it, a “new revolution”. If Michael were here, there’s no doubt that he would be doing the same.  He is sorely missed.

For the upcoming Michael Jackson projects, I cannot wait to see what they do for the Off the Wall Documentary. I hope they make it long because even though I enjoyed the BAD 25 Documentary, I felt it was too short (and the presence of Justin Bieber highly unnecessary). I adore Off the Wall Era. It’s one of his most classic, innovative times and albums, and gets no love because of Thriller. Mike was so sassy, spunky and shy during that time and I adore it. One of my favorites.


One thing that I constantly see from a fan’s point of view is, the constant bashing of Janet as an artist and entertainer. She and Michael paved the way and set a bar that many artists try to aspire to to this day (for example, Beyonce, Ciara, Usher, and Justin Timberlake). I don’t understand the disrespect sometimes. If they hadn’t decided to break so many barriers and records as black entertainers, your favorite artists would not be here. Give credit where it is due. Janet emphasized what it was to be a carefree black woman who had control of her own beliefs and sexuality. She doesn’t belt out like some other artists do, but not every legend is going to have the same voice. Everyone is different. Janet inspired the choreography you see in most female artists of today. The slander against Mike and Janet is always unwarranted and done out of bitterness and jealousy. Let these legends prosper like they’ve always been doing regardless of your opinion please.

Anyway, I thought I would add my two cents about what’s been going on in the music world. Again, I cannot wait and my countdown timer is ready!