To Be Free


Sitting in my room of hurt
Stuck in a cocoon of hurt
Always questioning my worth
Nothing in my life will work

Heart won’t heal from all the pain
Can’t fix this defective brain
Will I truly smile again?

“Take your darkness somewhere else”
Don’t dare try to share this hell.
Refuse to catch me if I fell

Don’t mean to make others hurt
But I’m so wrapped up in my own
Maybe I’m better off alone

So let me sit here in this room of hurt
Let me smother in this hurt
Let it consume me til I burst
No one will have me at my worst

Praying for a miracle
Although I feel invisible
Happiness seems impossible

It seems as if I wasn’t meant to live.
Pain got me so afraid to give
Scared to be too vulnerable
Scared to be all I can be

Self doubt,  self hatred, always manages to get the best of me
God I ask, I beg, I plead
Take this torture away from me
All I want is to be Free.

-Taylor A. Jackson