Michael Jackson’s Vitiligo: Why People Know So Little About the Disease.



Look at the screenshot above. Let me tell you what’s wrong with what this fan said. This person insinuated that Michael Jackson bleached his skin which is what caused the vitiligo and damaged his ability to make melanin, which is so false that it’s laughable. As a fan I’ve learned not to assume that everyone will know the truth about Michael Jackson, whether it be the subject of his innocence, his plastic surgeries or his medical conditions. However, it’s still frustrating to interact with people who have been brainwashed by the media. I find that a lot of people who believe that Michael Jackson wanted to be white also believe he couldn’t procreate and have his own kids. I spoke about it in an earlier post here: Mixed Children: Why MJ Couldn’t Have Any in the Eyes of the Media


Michael Jackson was diagnosed with vitiligo and lupus in the 80s by his dermatologist Arnold Kline. The autopsy has confirmed he had vitiligo, the medical records confirm he was diagnosed with both diseases. What I don’t understand is why people choose to believe the testimony of strangers who have never treated Michael Jackson and speculate based on their supposed “profession”. His autopsy results and medical records are unfortunately available to the public but people will read them and STILL believe he didn’t have a skin condition! It’s amazing!



What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo [ vit-ill-EYE-go]
Is a progressive skin condition where the body’s ability to produce melanin is damaged. It’s unclear as to what causes this kind of damage to where people lose their pigmentation. However you can NOT develop vitiligo by using common “skin bleaching” creams found over the counter. Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease, and though it has no negative affects on the body physically (besides increasing your chances for sunburn) it takes a toll emotionally for the people who have it, especially if they have to live in the public eye like Michael did.


It was confirmed after going through Jackson’s medical records that he used the medication Benoquin to get rid of the patches and turn his skin almost completely white. Use of this medication is common in patients who have severe vitiligo. So no, it wasn’t a bleach specially formulated for Michael Jackson. There is no over the counter bleaching creme you can take that will turn your entire body milky white.

MYTH : Michael Jackson used bleaching creme

vitiligo michael jackson



Benoquin is NOT a bleaching creme. It’s used to treat extensive vitiligo. It is medicine. The media have twisted this information without giving people an educated explanation as to why he decided to remove the pigment altogether in the first place. It was not because he wanted to be “white”, but because he’d spent years trying to cover the light spots with darker makeup. There was no use trying to mix makeup to match his skin if the vitilgo became worse with each year, so he made the decision to remove the pigment. Many people who have vitiligo use the makeup brand Dermablend to cover light splotches on the body. MJ was not the first entertainer to develop vitligo. He just made the disease well known because of his fame. He was not the first person to use Dermablend for the disorder, and he isn’t the first to use Benoquin. The media took every decision he made and turned it into something weird when in reality he sought treatment the same way other people do.

Did Michael Jackson Want to be White?
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“I don’t blame him- had I his condition, and the funds, I would have done it too.”

Michael Jackson didn’t have to have depigmentation therapy. He could’ve just stayed splotchy and have to deal with hiding it from the public, but that’s no one’s concern. If someone has a disease you don’t blame them for the treatment they seek to improve their lives. If you’ve never had a disease what makes you think you have the right to have contempt for someone’s choices? MJ didn’t want to have to deal with being “spotted” and he didn’t have to either.

People with Vitiligo are bullied (for example America’s Next Top Model contestant Winnie Harlow) . It’s no surprise that MJ chose to hide his struggles from the public with makeup. It really didn’t do any good because he was ridiculed for his skin anyway. It is however understandable that he hid it.

To learn more about Vitligo, please go to http://www.25june.org


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