#MJFAM Toxic Ass MJ Fans


This is a rant.

Okay, I know I’m not the only one in this fan base who has noticed that there are a select few fans who think it’s okay to lie on and harass other fans for not agreeing with them. I won’t name any names, but I will say this: I’m tired of it . I mostly see this activity going on from anti estate fans (I’m not saying it’s the entire group). I’m anti estate myself but I really don’t think anyone has a place to call a fan a “fake fan”. You don’t know how much someone loves, respects and upholds MJ and his legacy. No one is going to listen to you if you attack them for not believing what you believe. There are other ways to educate fans about his estate without accusing someone of being a John Branca fan, ok? Or making snide remarks and hateful comments. It’s all very unnecessary, and it makes you look immature, to be quite honest. I don’t necessarily agreee with “boycotting” because it won’t stop the machine. Only the law can do that. Whether you purchase Michael’s old or “new” music, it still goes to Sony/Estate. Does that mean I’ll go out and purchase remixed music? Hell to the no. I’ll listen to his demos out of curiosity. Any chance I get to have a glimpse into his genuis, I’ll take it. I don’t see anti estate fans bashing Brad Sudenberg for letting fans listen to MJs demos or criticizing MJ One. Those were all done without Michael’s permission. They’re both endorsed/ approved by his estate. Yet, I see some fans bash the estate and still go to these seminars. Hmm…

I will be quick to correct anyone who looks down on other fans, especially new fans because you should be happy that people are still paying attention to his music. He will influence GENERATIONS, not just the one you grew up in. You’re seriously making our fandom look bad. There’s this new medicine called chill. Take some. You’re not a better fan if you’ve been a fan for 40 years. You’re not better if you’re a prude, you’re not better if you have over 100,000 pieces of MJ “merch”. You aren’t better than anyone else here. See that lane? Go back to it. The only thing fans can do is spread the truth. You dissatisfied with how a fan does something? Do it yourself, shut the fuck up and stop complaining. We’re all supposed to be here for Michael. You aren’t upholding his legacy by sitting around on twitter all day talking about and harassing fans. Grow the hell up and check your ego.