Happy New Years!


Hey y’all! Just wanted to thank everyone who reads this blog and comments/likes/ subscribes! I can only hope for things in 2015, not make resolutions because I never stick to them. Whenever I try I become overwhelmed and depressed. So I can only hope to be more spiritually awake, and more physically and mentally/emotionally healthy. I hope to get a grasp on my education and career goals and most importantly my depression. It’s been really hard this year for me. I’ve contemplated taking my life more than ever before for reasons I won’t share on here. Maybe it’ll be better. I really hope so. I also want to be more confident in myself and work towards self love.

Blog-wise, I hope to put more things on here that aren’t always MJ related. It’s time for this blog and YouTube channel to expand. I want to do more. I want to reach a bigger audience and have people hear my message and create better YouTube videos. I want to re invent myself as an artist and a person. So yeah, that’s what I’m hoping for. What are you all hoping for? Comment below!  I hope this year brings you nothing but blessings and good fortune!