#mjfam Mixed Children: Why MJ Couldn’t Have Any in the Eyes of the Media



“Black people were called colored people because we come in all colors from very white – as white as my hand – to very dark, as dark as your shirt.”


-Michael Jackson, 2003 Living With Michael Jackson “Documentary”

I have to talk about something that has been nagging me ever since I started hearing more and more about Michael’s children. The fact that fans are saying that his children couldn’t possibly be his, and yet they are more eager to accept a “more brown looking” possible child such as the bogus B. Howard claim ( later proven to be false and started for shock value and attention in the first place) which came from a source I thought all MJ fans should be sick of by now- TMZ, a tabloid- is shocking and confusing to me.

I believe that Paris, Prince and Blanket are Michael’s biological kids. If we can’t believe Michael’s own words, who can we believe? Why are people trying to discredit and hurt Michael and his kids by saying he had an inability to produce his own children? Just because you are black and you have kids that are light-skinned doesn’t mean they aren’t yours! Look at Quincy Jones’s child, Rasida Jones! Her hair is very straight, her skin very light but that doesn’t mean Quincy is not her biological father. I’m tired of everyone having preconceived notions of what “mixed” babies should look like, it’s ignorant and prejudiced! I think this is just an attempt by Michael’s detractors to smear his legacy and emasculate him even in death. Even if they were not his biological children, why should it matter? Michael raised them and gave them love, so he is their father.

Some fans have even gone so far as to say MJ may have been impotent. This all feeds into views the media have pushed onto us: that he was asexual( which, doesn’t prevent you from producing children btw), afraid of women, gay, unable to conceive a child, and the media tried to use these angles to make him out to be a pedophile. I was watching a video of the Steve Harvey Morning Show presumably a couple of days or weeks after his Memorial service where Steve is ripping into the ever racist bigot Bill O’Reily about how Michael was, in fact, a black man and a legend. Steve made an interesting point. He said something along the lines of “have you ever stopped to think that maybe Michael had a surrogate because he didn’t want to pass on his vitiligo to his children?”
Now that’s if Michael decided he wanted another man and woman to give him a child, which would have been perfectly fine. Just because you adopt or have a surrogate doesn’t make you their parent. What makes you a parent is if you raise them.

Let’s all not forget that MJ admitted himself, his children were his biologically ( I can understand why he didn’t like talking about the subject because he was a very private person), but will you trust MJ’s admission (straight from the horse’s mouth) or that of a dermatologist with a bad case of verbal diarrhea and attention seeking-itis? MJ said his kids were conceived using his own sperm cells (with a surrogate mother for Blanket as well) to be born. Also, Debbie Rowe admitted under oath during the 2005 trial that she was a surrogate for Michael for Paris and Prince ONLY.

Debbie Rowe Admits Michael is the Father

Arnold Klein is about as trustworthy as Martin Bashir. First the media says that Mark Lester is the father, then Kline. Who will you believe? Medically, he vindicated MJ by giving us proof of Jackson’s Lupus and Vitiligo. That’s as far as I will go when trusting what comes from his mouth concerning MJ. He has an agenda too you know. Also, what are the chances that Michael Jackson would have an “adopted” child with vitiligo (Prince Jackson)? The disease is very rare and affects about 0.5- 2 percent of the population. Those are Michael’s genes, passed down from his father’s side. Undeniable. To learn more about Vitiligo, go here. The way the tabloids describe a man perfectly capable of having his own children as using another man (Kline) to have his children, and then one of them ends up getting the very same skin disease, is bizarre, and unbelievable. It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, which is basically what tabloids want you to believe. Proof that MJ had Vitiligo and lupus here and here  (screenshots from medical records).


Quincy Jones's children (above) compared to Michael Jackson's children (below)

Quincy Jones’s children (above) compared to Michael Jackson’s children (below)

 Her father (Alfred Roy): African American and Venezuelan. Her mother, Patricia, is White.

Mariah Carey. Singer. Her father (Alfred Roy): African American and Venezuelan. Her mother, Patricia, is White.

Wentworth Miller. Actor. His father is black, his mother is white.

Wentworth Miller. Actor. His father is black, his mother is white.

I could give a long list of celebrities who pass as “white” and are mixed race (for instance, Michael’s children have cousins who are mixed race. That’s right. His own BROTHERS have children who are mixed), but there’s this thing called Google. Use it if you’d like.

A point to make: so it’s okay for other celebrities to have mixed children and have no worries/ doubts, yet when it’s Michael Jackson he is sexless, impotent, emasculated and these cannot possibly be his children even though he admitted to conceiving them himself? Double standard. You all forget: black people are the most diverse race on the planet. There is no “standard feature” for black people. Our features range from blonde hair and blue eyes, to very dark skin and dark hair/eyes. Not all black people will have full lips or a prominent nose. Not all will have curly hair.  Think about that before you believe the media. There is no “standard” for how a mixed child should look.