Why is it A Crime? #MJfam #MichaelJackson


As a huge fan of Michael Jackson and music in general, why is it that when fans of the late King of Pop express our love and admiration for the person responsible for changing the face of music as it is, that we are ridiculed? Either his name is a source of admiration and praise, respect, awe, or downright scandal. Why is a world renowned, professional genius and master of music, regarded with such distaste by some? Why is it that his fans are afraid to mention him as someone they look up to? He was a great role model, and his credentials in the music industry speak for themselves. Why is it that he is not taken seriously as a music artist, composer, dancer, and overall entertainer? He is and never will be a joke. I’ll tell you what he is; a threat.

His talent alone does not make him a worthy role model, it’s his giving heart. Jackson was recognized as the most charitable celebrity by Guiness world records, donating over 300 million dollars during his lifetime, and also creating his Neverland home for the less fortunate. He helped cancer kids, leukemia kids, supported and funded children’s education, and even served as a mentor. He was humble, he never boasted about his accomplishments, and he never tried to make his charity about him. There are stories of his generosity and loving heart that the public will never get to hear. We will never see such a gem like Michael Jackson again. In a way, it’s kind of sad to think that, but it also reminds us that who we had on this earth was just that special and rare. He will not be appreciated by everyone, but at the end of the day the negativity doesn’t matter. He came here and did for others. He broke records and set the bar to an impossible standard. Just because he is no longer here doesn’t mean our love for him will fade. Ever. He is and always will be the greatest, and no matter where you turn, his influence is there.