#MJFAM #MichaelJackson The Invincible Album is SO underrated…


FACEBOOK EVENT: The Invincible Album is SO underrated…

…Calling all Michael Jackson fans! In light of this new xscape album release, regardless of your convictions toward the album, how about we all call in to our local radio stations on May 13th, and request to hear songs from the Invincible album? Everyone knows back when this album came out how poorly it was promoted and the financial struggle it caused between MJ and Sony. It deserves to have more recognition, don’t you think? Please spread this event around, translate it if you want! It would be awesome if many fans could participate!!! There is no set time, only a set date for this to happen, as I understand that there are Michael Jackson fans all over the world, with different time zones. Thanks!

-Taylor A. Jackson, Facebook

Link to the event here