#Mjfam #MichaelJackson #mj A “Poem”


I’ve explained time and time and again
My vulnerabilities.
I’ve explained time and time again
What was in my heart, my vision.
I’ve explained time and time again
How I suffer
And yet you still laugh.
You don’t believe me.
You don’t want to feel my pain
Or look deep into my eyes
You don’t want to see truth,
Only a monster,
Only a freak.
You want what is inside of you to be inside of me, too.
No matter how many times my tears and blood are shed,
No matter how much of my anguish and sorrow radiates from my being,  my soul, my heart.
You will not listen.
No matter how I cry out in pain,
You are perched over, slashing at me,
Drinking my blood,
Torturing me.
You are truly the devil
But what you don’t realize is that God is and always has been by my side and you will never win.

Note: (Just something I thought of just now. )