Another Xscape Rant


Just a Twitter rant.

Part 1: Please. Michael Jackson makes new fans each generation, of all ages and backgrounds. Do you really think “contemporising” it will ‘improve’ his art? Or will it just cheapen it? His legacy will never die and his music is timeless.stop trying to make him sound like other artists of today! He was never like other artists,  he was in a category all his own!

Part 2: It’s funny how people think that if no one buys his posthumous albums that his legacy will suffer. That’s BS. First of all, his legacy is towering. No one will be able to match it. Secondly,  all future buying of these albums will neither help nor harm his legacy. Thridly, it’s sad that people think that MJ will somehow become irrelevant or lose his status, or that some damage will occur concerning his legacy if his music isn’t altered, remixed, etc. Or even if his demos and unreleased songs aren’t released. Michael Jackson has already secured his legacy, his position as king. His music is timeless and immortal. New people are introduced, all ages, to his music every day, every generation. I stand by my opinion in saying they should release his music “as is” or not at all. There’s no magical bar measuring the progress of his legacy that will increase or decrease with the purchase of his posthumous stuff. MJ set the bar so high and it will never come back down.

Part 3: It’s a shame how some people have so little faith in his legacy that they think if people stopped purchasing his posthumous albums he would sink to the ground never to be talked about again. So all his work he did before death will become irrelevant and not matter, his masterpieces he was here to produce will not matter. His empire will be run into the ground because people buy his classics instead of stuff he isn’t here to produce?  His J5 stuff, his Jacksons stuff, his solo work he did while living like Invincible, Thriller, the biggest selling album of all time will not matter and won’t keep his legacy alive just because everyone decides they don’t want to buy altered albums? Okay.