#MJfam How I See MJ’s Beauty…


This man looked good even in his 40s. People will go out of their way to choose an unflattering photo as proof of his supposed "unattractiveness" yet even here he is stunning.

Big beautiful dark eyes that told a story and gleamed like liquid honey in the sunlight

Strong, structured jawline, perfectly chiseled cheekbones, full lips with a smile lovely as the moonlight.

Lean muscular body, narrow hips, strong back, broad shoulders, a dancer’s body. 

Long elegant hands that rival works of art, tender and strong. And depending on the time period, a body covered in either ebony, caramel or the perfect flush of  smooth alabaster skin.

A beautiful man with a heart to match. Long flowing ebony curls, legs for days, and a voice that sounds like rainfall.

Yes, all this with a golden heart wrapped in the perfect packaging. That’s how I see MJ.


A photo comparison done by fans. Same face, same man, different time periods. From boyishly handsome to a suave, mature and smooth adult


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