#MJFAM The Trials of Michael Jackson Documentary: Movie Review



Okay so I finally got to sit down and watch this wonderful documentary after waiting for months to watch it (I had to find my DVD player and then fix it). Then I kept fretting because I didn’t know how the film would make me feel. I knew that it was about the media having the cameras turned on them, and their mocking/harassing fans during the trial, however I didn’t feel like I was emotionally ready to experience that. After deciding to stop this procrastination, I can say that I am glad I did. After the movie ended I sat there in shock staring at the black screen as it flashed ‘THE END’. I didn’t want it to end. This film takes you inside the perspective of the fans waiting outside the court house everyday during the 2005 trial. I was shocked at unprofessional news reports and revolted that they made the life of one man into a lighthearted joke and that they joked about pedophilia in the first place. Secondly, I saw how some members of the media mocked and harassed Michaels fans in an effort to make them appear delusional in supporting an innocent man. I was floored by the amount of blatant disrespect and contempt these so called ‘journalists’ had for the fans.

The film was touching, as it showed the amount of devotion shared between Michael and his admirers, the heartfelt efforts of support to help keep him going and motivated everyday. I came to a realization that the fans struggled as well, with bullying, racism, and concern for Michael’s well being. They struggled as a family. Furthermore it took me back to when I was a casual observer of the trial as a child, only twelve years old and rooting for Michael Jackson to be found not guilty. I had no idea in 2005 just how biased the media was towards Michael and just how severe this whole situation was. I can only describe how I feel now, present day, as an aching sadness that I had not been there to cheer for Michael and give him support directly in front of the courthouse and at Neverland. I’ve always had fire in me to see justice done, but the flames are now spitting higher because of this film. It sparked a change inside that I cannot explain. I want to make sure everyone knows about this film and about the truth behind these trials because Michael deserves that. He deserves truth because he was about truth. I am so angered that he had to go through anything like this in the first place, angered that the media contributed to his passing in a major way, breaking his heart and spirit. I’ve said it before on Twitter: why has this film, which has been released in 2010, not received national acknowledgement, and awards of recognition? This film is a must see for all fans of the King of Pop.

To learn more about the film, go to http://thetrialsofmichaeljackson.tumblr.com/post/74923116716/the-trials-of-michael-jackson-with-dana-gedrick

You can also contact the filmmakers on twitter at @TheTrialsofMJ

A big thank you to filmmakers Barry Shaw and Dana Gedrick for their tremendous efforts in seeking the truth!