#mjfam please question what is going on. I know you wanna hear MJ and I’m not judging you for getting the xscape album. But learn about MJ and Sony. Learn about the wrongdoings of Michael Jackson’s estate executors.  Be aware of what MJ was trying to tell us all along. People are trying to cover the truth about what happened to mj but we must be informed as a fan base. The hash tag #thebestyouveneverheard  cannot be any more false. The majority of tracks on XSCAPE were leaked and heard years ago when mj was alive and he was outraged. I don’t know why SONY is trying to pull that #bestyouveneverheard hashtag off because fans have already heard those songs on xscape album. SONY pulls the leaked tracks off the Internet knowing fans have heard those versions and puts them on this album. Then you have fans who are saying mj only had a problem with Tommy Mattola but it just wasn’t mattola he had a problem with SONY too. Michael was treated so badly by the companies that promoted him, namely SONY and AEG. Read Leonard Rowe’s book. He was treated like a machine and cash cow. Record companies need to realize that it’s the ARTIST who makes the company, not the other way around. Michael was manhandled and treated with contempt at the mercy of AEG. Randy Phillips slapped & screamed at him and forced him to attend rehearsals even though the contract did not obligate MJ to rehearse. They called him “freak” and …”creepy” behind his back, tied him up financially just like SONY did to mj. They didn’t care about his health first, only money. I’m not trying to dictate what anyone should or should not buy, I only ask that mj fans look at the truth like they would if they were researching the truth behind media conspiracy or the truth behind false allegations. I humbly ask that you share this with as many fans as you can.



  1. The Michael was done wrong in every possible yes all they cared about was making sure they drain him dry Michael told thm off Michael could have fought thm bck sony is a sorry piece of s*** they are greedy as hell all they c is green with different presidents on each bill they ddnt give two flying sam hell how they was hurting Michael all they wanted was for him to toyr sing this sang tht do this here do tht there breaking him dwn slowly an killing him boldly Michael wasnt ur robot or ur fu**ing piece of machine for all those who called themselves bein his friend wil pay the price for wat u did to him yall was greedy an very selfish yall hurt tht man til he passed away an u still hurting him by putting music out tht wasnt even finish like the saying goes every dog has his day!

  2. It was pretty obvious from the AEG trial and the e-mails how they treated him, which was badly. What does that have to do with Sony now? What do you want the fans to do about the Estate when the court would not do anything when the will was questioned? Many artist are treated badly by the record companies, which is wrong. What do you think we can do to change what Sony did in 2003 or now? Even if the music was leaked it still was never put on an album… Do you want everything that the Estate is involved with to Fail!? Do you want the fans to boycott all the Cirque Du Solie shows and to refuse to purchase anything the estate and sony puts out so it will go brook? Who will that hurt? MJ’s heirs I suppose and his legacy! Many of us have seen the videos of MJ saying Matolla was a devil. Matolla was the CEO so he was Sony at that time. Michael is gone now, he is not a robot to Sony anymore! I do believe he wanted his legacy to carry on, I don’t think he wanted all of his music and products boycotted! RIP MJ you are always in our hearts and we will never let you part!

    • I think you missed the entire point of this post. No where did I say that I want mj’s legacy to fail, nor did I suggest what fans should or should not buy. I can understand why people want to buy the album, after all it is mj’s music. I’m simply saying that they should be aware of the truth of what happened to Michael. And it’s good to educate fans about the dealings of his estate even if it seems nothing can be done about those crooks at the moment. The reason why the will was approved was because John Branca had witnesses to support his claim that the will was signed by Michael Jackson in California when in actuality he was in New York at the time. John Branca was fired in 2003 because Michael was suspicious that he was stealing money from him, and he found out Branca was also representing SONY (a conflict of interest)so he fired him. Michael ordered Branca to return any and every document regarding mj to him and that Branca was to no longer have any say in his business affairs. Now fast forward to 2009. Mj is gone, and Branca shows up with a will where there is an inaccurate sign date and he wasn’t supposed to have anything pertaining to Michael in the first place. Branca’s witnesses supported branca’s claim that mj signed the will in California when he was in NY at the time and the court approved it. That’s why fans need to know the truth. It might not do anything to impact SONY but that doesn’t mean people should not know the truth about sony’s dealings and the estate. Fans should know that the demos to the song were already online, so SONY can’t really say #thebestyouveneverheard. And lastly, Michaels children get a monthly allowance and will not “go broke”. Michaels legacy will make sure of that. I am not saying boycott the estate because they have mj’s music and I wouldn’t want his music boycotted. I’m saying open your eyes and learn the truth. They are still profiting off of Michaels death and people shouldn’t try to white wash history or overlook facts.

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