#MJFAM Defending Michael.


Here’s a long post I put on an CNN article regarding this new Album of his.  The response had nothing to do with the album because a lot of ignorant people have commented, saying some pretty sick things.  So here is my response:

Okay, for all the ignorant people posting disgusting things in the comments section of this article, I have something to say to you and all others like you. The truest statement of all is: if you don’t know something about a subject, don’t pretend to. For instance: if you know nothing about Michael Jackson’s court cases or his resulting vindication in the 2005 trial, or his character, don’t come on here with your filthy descriptions, fantasies, and jokes about pedophilia. You all have a hate obsession with someone you know nothing about. I am starting to think you all are really the delusional fanatic ones, who may even be secret admirers. If you don’t like MJ, what I don’t understand is why do you feel the need to talk about someone you don’t like? Save yourself the time and embarrassment of coming on to harass mj fans with random, delusional, and inaccurate comments please. The man was a victim of crime. Point blank. Everyone seems to forget he was proven not guilty of 14 counts. 14. Not 1, 5, but all 14. The jury were set to convict if the proper evidence were produced, however the prosecution witnesses were not credible, and had a history of asking money from celebrities (Chris Tucker, George Lopez, Jay Leno for example), fraud, etc. The FBI investigated Mr. Jackson from 1993 to 2005, aided the Santana Barbara DA Tom Sneddon in their investigation against MJ, and wrongfully assumed him guilty. Not to mention Sneddon tried to make the things they found in Never land out to be sinister, when in actuality they were not. The jury looked at the evidence siezed, and saw nothing wrong. There is proof that Evan Chandler was trying to extort money from Michael Jackson, there is proof that the settlement in 1993 was for negligence ONLY and not for anything criminal because insurance companies cannot settle with anyone over a supposed committed crime (that is illegal). There is a document stating that whether or not Michael Jackson agreed to settle with Jordans family, he would not have had control over the settlement anyway because the obligation to pay was on his insurance company.  The media is also to blame and is an example of how things can be taken too far. The media is responsible for some people being confused or unsure about his innocence because there were over 4,000 media outlets for the 2005 trial, and not ONE of them sought to tell developments from both sides in the courtroom. They all only reported on the prosecution, incredibly biased in order to convict Jackson in the court of public opinion. Theie attitude was “hes weird, not normal, so he must be guilty”, their attitude was “it doesnt matter that he was aquitted, he got away with it.” Sneddon should have been fined or had some disciplinary action against him for wasting taxpayers dollars and building cases out of thin air in order to have one of the greatest convictions that could possibly go on his resume, or what he would be known for ( the DA that nabbed Jackson). Michael Jackson repeatedly said “no its not sexual…you’re making it sexual.” The media always wanted to tie Michael’s innocent relationship with children to the word “sex”, and that’s what I find sickening. Michael said he was denied love from his father as a child, and that’s why he would never deny a child love. There was never a sinister motive for building Neverland, it was first off for his enjoyment because he did not get to have the normal pleasures of childhood that we all take for granted. He had to work, work, work with little time for play. Secondly he said that to enjoy his place by himself, to roll around in his wealth would be selfish, he was a very giving person. He is in Guiness Book of Records for most charities supported by a pop star (39 charities), and donated over 300 million plus during his lifetime. And what’s more is he did not publicize giving to charity, he did from the heart. He was able to help and even heal children with the simple principle of love. Let’s all not be stuck in 2005 because the Internet is not here for us to remain blissfully ignorant of the truth. Do your research and stop slandering an innocent man. The FBI files are public information.  The court transcripts are public info. The truth is out but people are getting lazy. The media has the power to make anyone look guilty. Oh, and a quick lesson about the characteristics of pedophlies: 1) they are not capable of feeling genuine love towards children, they see them as just objects for their satisfaction.  2) they are known to appear disinterested, or not genuine around children, 3) they CANNOT stop their behavior, can have many victims or just 1 or two, but assault them multiple times 4) they will have a stash of child por**graphy hidden somewhere, they cannot resist.  People will try to push these characteristics onto Michael Jackson because of his love for children, but that is the most ridiculous thing to do because, for one, it is shown that MJ had a genuine love for all people, whatever age, from all walks in life. Children are very perceptive.  They know when someone is making them uncomfortable.  Now, not one child has come forward saying that he made them feel uncomfortable, except the 2 families proven to be all about the money, proven to be liars, etc. Every other child that Sneddon interviewed in regards to their relationship to MJ adamantly denied any impropriety or uncomfortable situations.  Now on to another characteristic: not being able to stop the behavior, and having a stash of child po**. People will lie and say that MJ had child po** in his house when that was not true.  Think logically; if it were true, would it not have been introduced to the jury? Wouldn’t MJ have been arrested and charged formally as a pedo**ile? You cannot get out of that one of they find something like that in your house.  Furthermore, mj had “access” to thousands of children he helped.  If the habits of a child predator cannot be helped, he would have slipped up somewhere, made someone uncomfortable.  Not one (honest) child or family that he helped has said anything abnormal went on. None of the traits of a pedo**ile apply to MJ because he simply was not one. This disgusting name was pushed into him just like the disrespectful name “Wacko Jacko”.


UPDATE 04/09/2014: 6 days ago my comment was deleted, and I was infuriated. The moderator has a habit of deleting my comments for no reason if it has anything to do with defending MJ with the truth. This is nothing new and has been going on for 8 months now and I have constantly contacted the moderators, who all have given me run around answers. Clearly none of my posts violated any of CNN’s Terms of Service. Either I will just stop going to comment on CNN or pursue this until it stops.


4 thoughts on “#MJFAM Defending Michael.

    • Thank you for commenting! 🙂 and yes unfortunately people choose to believe lies but we do not realize the media can mobilize the masses against anyone they deem a target. It’s time for society to demand better press and think for themselves.

  1. Wonderfully put, I’ve never had an issue with people questioning, its human nature, I have a problem with the people now who blindly believe tabloids and don’t see what takes 2seconds to find.
    I cannot understand the mindset of such people, they actively search out anything and everything MJ related to what?
    Say vile things in the hope that people who’ve researched and fact checked suddenly go “Oh, I didn’t know, I’ll stop being a fan now”?
    Ridiculous in the extreme.

    • I agree. It is natural to have questions. I have no problem with people who are curious or do not know a lot of facts, but what really makes me mad is the media’s blatant and disrespectful non efforts to report the actual truth. As if losing a couple million might kill them! That is the source of the problem and why there are so many people believing lies. Some people are gullible, a lot think that the news is the gospel and don’t realize the extent the media industry can make you think whatever they want you to think. The people who know the truth and yet still spread lies are either obsessed, deluded, jealous, in need of attention, and are the ones who society should be actually looking out for because some haters can say some disgusting, disturbing things about child abuse. They are really the sick ones. Thank you for commenting Laura! 🙂

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