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I don’t understand. Most people will say he is a pedophile based on how he looked, most will say “because he was always around children”, or because he “slept” with children, implying it in a sexual way when that was never the case. MJ repeatedly said he didn’t think it was wrong, he didn’t think it was inappropriate because that was how he was raised. He expressed that he didn’t get to have sleepovers and all the normal experiences of childhood, so he was making up for it in adulthood. The only thing on his mind when the children were in his room was going to sleep. And then you have to realize: firstly, Michael didn’t invite people into his room. They asked to be in there. He even had grown people staying and sleeping in his room. Second: his room was two stories. it had an upstairs and a downstairs. it’s in court transcripts. So there was extra space in his room, and he would take the floor and let the children have the bed. The children asked permission and Michael would only let them come in there if their parents are alright with it. It may have not been normal for an adult to sleep in the same room as children, but nothing went on but sleep. If Michael was a female (let’s call him Michelle lol) I wonder if anyone would have a problem with that (random thought)) but anyway, let’s move on.

1993: Michael was accused by Evan Chandler, who had become jealous of Michael’s relationship with his son and daughter and his wife, June. To sum this case up, Evan threatened to accuse MJ of molestation if he didn’t get what he wanted: money to produce a movie. When Michael refused to pay, Evan went public with the allegations. they chose a civil case instead of a criminal one first. Michael planned to fight the case in court all the way to the end, but he was very badly advised by his lawyers to pay a settlement. This was not a wise decision on Michaels part but also consider his insurance company forced him to pay the settlement. More information about that here: http://vindicatemj.wordpress.com/2009/11/21/the-questions-asked-about-the1993-settlement/
http://www.sbscpublicaccess.org/docs/ctdocs/032205mjmemospprtobj.pdf <–THAT is the actual court document

Consider this also: if someone had molested your child would you seek money first? or would you want that person prosecuted put in prison and charged formally as a child molester? Why didn’t the Chandlers first off go to the police? More information about the 1993 case can also be seen in the books by Geraldine Hughes (Redemption) and the GQ Article “Was Michael Jackson Framed?” by Mary Fischer And if you want to hear a recording of Evan Chandler plotting to extort money from Michael, go here: http://musicalloafers.tumblr.com/post/76893761213/mj4lyfe-filmcityworld-93-proof-michael

Next, let’s talk about the 2005 trial, which was a result from the Martin Bashir interview that aired in 2003. Basically, Bashir tricked Michael into thinking he would be fair and honest in his portrayal of Michael’s life and the truth, when in actuality he lied about working with Princess Diana (who Jackson admired), and he didn’t portray him fairly at all. Bashir sought to portray Michael as a self mutilated freak who could possibly be a child molester. He completely twisted the program to his own agenda and edited out parts that would not have made MJ look guilty.

Garvin Arvizo comes into play when his mom Janet Arviso realizes that her son is in the Bashir documentary without her permission. at first she wants to sue Bashir for having her son in the program, but nothing comes of it. Garvin first met Michael through a request to see him before he died. He was diagnosed with cancer and wanted to visit Neverland. To sum this all up, Janet Arviso and her family started to take advantage of Michaels kindness just like the Chandlers and they started acting like they owned neverland, trashing everything, Janet spent thousands of Michael’s money on spas, facial treatments, jewelry, etc. Not to mention Chris Tucker warned Michael about the Arvisos when they first met, that their was something off about them. When Michael started to push them away, that’s when the allegations came out. The Arvisos sought money before a criminal case, They went to the SAME lawyer the Chandlers went to for the civil case, but this time it went to court. Cops raided Michael’s ranch, and NOTHING was found (proof here:) Do you seriously think that if Michael had ANY indication of child porn, he would have been found not guilty? Everyone was so eager for him to be guilty, yet nothing was discovered but a stash of adult pornography and art books. The art books had some photos of nude children in their, but their was nothing to indicate that the books were sexual. The prosecution tried to use these art books as evidence, but that was impossible because some were sent from fans and secondly, are books are just that. Art. There were no children in provocative poses, nothing disgusting like that. Michael had thousands of things sent to him and he kept every single thing that fans sent and cherished it. Maybe he didn’t get a chance to look at all of it, but compare all the adult heterosexual porn to a couple art books where you are not sure if they even belonged to him and that is a shaky foundation for a prosecution to base the accusations off of. They even implied that he used the hetero sexual porn to groom children, when it is documented that he never showed anyone the stuff. Even his friends didn’t know Michael was into that and he kept it locked away for a reason. Another point: here is a great post on a very common question: did Michael only hang out with boys? here: http://musicalloafers.tumblr.com/post/77115772910/why-was-michael-only-friends-with-a-few-boys-like-he

To read more about just how many people actually accused MJ, you can go to http://michaeljacksonvindication2.wordpress.com/2013/05/14/how-many-boys-was-michael-jackson-really-accused-of-molesting/ and look for yourself.
I am tired of all these ignorant people saying Michael was a pedophile based off of false claims and tabloid magazine reports. Tabloids aren’t even a reliable source. Don’t try to disprove a Michael Jackson fan by stating we will defend him because of his celebrity. Don’t try and disprove us by saying that we worship him because that is NOT the case. I only worship one god, but I am sensible enough to see the logic in everything and use it as well. So are Michael’s fans, and even non fans! He was investigated for 20 years by the FBI and they found nothing but false claims! You cannot pay off the FBI! Michael could not pay off the DA Tom Sneddon because they strongly disliked him in the first place! Do you really think they would do him any favors when they were so blood hungry and eager for their reputations to soar? Give me a break please.The FBI files are NOT what the tabloids like the Daily Mirror and the Sun, etc. have been reporting. They are fabricated. The real ones are located here: http://vault.fbi.gov/search?SearchableText=Michael+Jackson Really all it takes is a little knowledge, common sense and the use of logic, but people are too blind by prejudice and an unwillingness to find out things for themselves. They do not want to accept the truth when it stares them in the face. Some are jealous. Fans have actual COURT DOCUMENTS, and even if they are on a blog, no major news station has taken the time to broadcast Michael Jackson’s innocence around the world because the truth DOESN’T SELL. WE have taken the time to do the research and haters have not.
And then you have the disgusting haters who say they wish children had been molested by Michael, they make jokes about child abuse, which isn’t even funny. If you have the nerve to even wish that on someones child, maybe you are the monster. Maybe something isn’t right with you. Michael had an innocent love for children, not the obsessive kind that real pedophiles have. Real pedophiles see children as objects and show no genuine affection for them. Michael was more than genuine to everyone. Real pedophiles have up to hundreds of victims in there lifetime because they can’t stop, not 2 or 3 who have a history of making up false allegations for money. Michael wanted to help the children of the world after seeing the poverty stricken ones in Africa in his youth and he vowed he would help to make things right and he did that. That’s all I will say on the matter because it is so easy to do research, it was merely a click and type to find the FBI files that the media claimed that he abused 24 boys (FALSE). The media has the power to make anyone look like a monster, look bizarre, etc. They know people won’t take time out of there day to know more about a story and they take advantage of that. That’s why it’s good to not believe everything you hear and think critically. If you live your life believing everything that is not much of a life don’t you think?

More evidence: https://itsinournature.wordpress.com/2014/01/08/mjfam-a-short-summary-on-michael-jacksons-innocence/



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