# mjfam My Opinion on Justin Bieber’s Arrest



Here’s the deal: I am no longer a fan of Justin Bieber (it was cemented when he did that awful remake of Slave to the Rhythm), HOWEVER, Just because I don’t like his music or his behavior, does not mean that I agree with all this abuse of Bieber. He’s the butt of some cruel jokes–some people have even joked about him dying or killing himself, which is NOT okay. Justin Bieber, despite all the times he’s screwed up, is still a human being, just like Michael Jackson was. I am in no way defending what Justin Bieber has done. He could have really hurt someone by driving drunk.

However, there is no way that the very small incident of what he went through was anything like what Michael Jackson went through. Here’s how:

  1. Michael Jackson was wrongly accused of something just because he was trying to be decent and help children. He was vindicated in court and found NOT GUILTY. There is a PLETHORA of evidence showing that Michael Jackson was not a pedophile, or an unsavory character.
  2. Justin Bieber was not accused of anything, but he actually COMMITTED A CRIME. DUI -Driving Under the Influence of alcohol, reckless driving, and resisting arrest. He was released on 2,000 bail and only given a slap on the wrist.
  3.  Michael Jackson was cooperative and peaceful with his arrest, yet they still manhandled him and bruised his shoulders and arms. They searched his ENTIRE ranch with an excessive 70 officers, only to find nothing to convict him with.
  4. Michael’s treatment by the world was SO BRUTAL that it scared him for the rest of his life and drove him away from one of the few things that made him truly happy and gave him peace- Neverland. Even though he was vindicated, people continue to spread false stories about him and his children, even after he has passed.
  5. Justin may be hunted by the paparazzi like every other celebrity, but Michael was literally the most famous person on the planet, so he was hunted and ridiculed in a very ravenous and vicious nature. He was a prisoner in his own home because he could not go out without a disguise. The only similarities I see are the fact that the media will often take it too far when putting out a story about someone, but I also feel that Justin is not helping his reputation by acting the way he is.
  6. Michael Jackson always acted with grace and class; you rarely saw him lashing out at anyone, and he didn’t believe in violence. He always treated others with care and concern. Justin on the other hand…well…
  7. Michael was accused of being a white woman, wanting to be white, being a criminal, having a fake face, not being able to produce his own children, made to look like a bizarre freaky monster, made to look like a demanding pop star, every single move he made was questioned. He couldn’t do anything right! He went through at least 35 years of this crap from the media, from racist, jealous, greedy people.
  8. Justin is a child star, but just because he is a young adult does not mean that he can get away with anything illegal that he does. He is young and will do stupid things, but when he does stupid things, he needs to own up to them.

Also; I really don’t see why Beliebers are defending his actions. He could have killed someone. No one, whether you are a celebrity or not, should be texting while driving, drinking while driving, or anything that could put theirs or others lives in danger. What Justin did was reckless and careless; a complete disregard for human life, and he had the audacity to smile in his mug shot? No thank you. I think Beliebers need to stop trying to tie everything Justin does in with Michael, because he definitely does not act “Michael-like”. I really hope that Justin will wake up and realize that his actions affect people before it’s too late and he does something that can’t be brushed over. So, let’s go over this again: Michael Jackson: victim of extortion, didn’t do anything wrong, falsely accused and subject to a worldwide witch hunt just for bring different and rich. Justin Bieber: privileged young pop star who willingly committed a crime and does illegal things.  Two totally different situations. One is wrongfully accused, one actually committed a crime.