#mjfam Does A Person’s Looks Determine What’s Inside?


You know, I’m tired of people talking about MJ’s nose, or saying stuff like “since he had so many surgeries it would imply that he was a fake or a non genuine person”. First off, Michael’s nose didn’t look bad at all. Did it look strange at certain angles sometimes? Maybe. But over all I think it was so cute. MJ did not always take great photos. That like, 1 percent out of 100 was the time he took a photo that didn’t look right.  Secondly, just because MJ had the surgeries on his nose (I personally believe he only had 2), and the cleft in his chin defined, DOES NOT mean that he had nothing inside him. He was a beautiful soul, so why should the fact that he had cosmetic surgery have a say in who he was as a person? I can’t stand these ignorant people who think just because someone looks different or does different things, that they are a freak.  This society is a lie, we are not accepting at all. Why is it viewed as taboo to get plastic surgery? If someone wants to”improve” the way they look because it makes them feel more confident, who are you to make them feel bad or ridicule them? I guarantee If I were Michael, if someone decided to make fun of me because of my life choices, some of these people wouldn’t have their faces intact.