Well, I can say that I am glad Murray’s appeal for the conviction was DENIED. I am so glad that a judge had the sense to see that there was so much evidence of Murray’s guilt that there was no way exoneration would even be considered. I hope people can realize that MJ was the victim here…Murray took advantage of his trust. We all have trust in our doctors, and I think it’s wrong to want to always blame the victim for what happens to them. No, I do not think Michael should have chosen Propofol to help him sleep on the most stressful days, but at least when he went on tour and he had the more extreme sleepless nights, he had a doctor and a proper anesthetist to administer the Propofol. Remember, one of Michael’s doctors testified in the AEG case last year that he could normally sleep with Tylenol PM, or other less harmful prescriptions, when he was not stressed out. I really believe if AEG had not pressured him so much and threatened to take everything from him, had they not worked him so hard he would still be here today. Also, if they would have hired a better doctor and gotten him the equipment he needed, Michael would still be here. Doctors have a duty to not harm their patients. AEG is just as guilty, because they saw Michael deteriorating, but showed absolutely no concern for their star’s health, they wanted money, just like Murray. They dangled money over his head and pressured Murray to take drastic measures in order to get their star on the stage. They did nothing to try to recuperate their star and postpone the show so he could get better and perform, no they threatened him and treated him with contempt.

“…Murray’s “callous disregard for Mr. Jackson’s health and safety was shown throughout the trial from the manner in which he administered a number of dangerous drugs to Mr. Jackson without the appropriate medical equipment, precautions or personnel in place, and to the manner in which he left Mr. Jackson unattended,” the opinion states.

“The evidence demonstrated that Mr. Jackson was a vulnerable victim and that (Murray) was in a position of trust, and that (Murray) violated the trust relationship by breaching standards of professional conduct in numerous respects,” it said.-  UT Sandiego

It’s also interesting that the same corrupt Judge who presided in the Jacksons vs. AEG case denied Katherine Jackson’s appeal for a new trial against AEG. Why is Murray liable, but not AEG? They played just as much a role in Michael’s death as Murray.

There is also evidence (just like Murray) that they were negligent, yet they can’t be held accountable? Their actions in regards to Michael’s well being influenced how Murray would act. If they would have not inserted themselves into the doctor -patient relationship, if they would have gotten the proper doctor for Michael, and made it their job to keep him in shape for the tour, no AEG or CM trial would have happened. This was all unecessary. Greed got in the way somewhere down the line.



  1. Excellent sister Taylor. I knew you would have an opinion on this…Blessings to you because I feel blessed every time I read your words concerning Michael Jackson!!!

    • Thank you 🙂 it’s weird because as an mj fan I feel some kind of duty to defend Michael and spread the truth. I don’t know why or how I was drawn into doing it, but I feel like it is a part of my purpose some how. Do you ever feel like that?

      • Not to the extent as I used to but I will alway be there to defend him, his music, personality and causes. What I want to do is expose people to the possibility of him being a human far more like them than different from them. But I see the fire and passion in you and you’re talented…. Never stop doing what you do. You are young and gifted and we need more people like you in this world. Thinkers, artists and filled with hope promise and light….

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