Michael. #mjfam


You know, I think it’s a good thing that fans are willing to fight for Michael’s good name.  It can be hard sometimes because people believe lies, and we shouldn’t even have to be fighting for his reputation and legacy in the first place, but it’s good to know that we can all agree on at least one issue lol: Michael was an innocent, childlike person. I wanna say I take pride in spreading the truth about Michael. I know that it will probably be a lifelong occupation but I don’t care because I honestly have never loved a famous person as much as mj. It’s kind of sad when other people don’t get why I defend him.  They’ll say “he didn’t do anything for you, so why do you care so much”, but he did EVERYTHING for me, even though I (officially) discovered MJ too late, I still miss him. I still heard about him in the news and felt sorry for him as well. This world is all about “What can you do for me, me, me”, but it shouldn’t be. You don’t have to know someone or be in their presence for them to do something for you.  When artists share their work, and their message, you get a glimpse of their heart.  They are trusting you with their heart, and I am so glad that MJ existed and I lived during his time. I’m glad he gave us a look into his heart via his works both on and off the stage.  He truly was Christlike. And when I say Christlike I don’t mean MJ was aspiring to be Jesus or God or a god, he wanted to be like them. Anyway, let me end this impossibly long rambling.  I just felt like expressing what I am thinking at the moment.  ♡♡♡


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