Mj fans need an apology this year.


I thought it would be obvious who is and will remain king of pop. You know what? Even pop was too limited a title for MJ. He is the king of music forever because he mastered it and produced some of the most high quality music of the century and influenced generations in the 60s,70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, and STILL does and always will influence other artists. All these artists that are trying to attain the same level of notoriety and greatness as MJ are kind of riding a lost train, because even though they may seem’relevant’, even if they did break some of his records (good luck with that), it doesn’t make you a better artist. MJ got the way he was even without the Internet. Most of these stars today depend on it. I don’t know what the entertainment world is trying to pull by deeming Justin Bieber the supposed New King of pop, and Justin Timberlake the president of pop, but I think it’s a sad attempt to make the world forget about the wonderful man who paved the way for these artists of today. I was watching a hilarious video on YouTube called Legends Panel and Michael said something so hilarious! (It was a parody of course). He said “don’t presidents only have a 4 year term” or something like that lol . But seriously, they need to stop with this mess and apologize to Michael and his fans for this BS. MJ is the King of Music, including Pop, Rock and Soul. Just like James Brown was and STILL is the Godfather of Soul.


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