“So I’ve Learned That Love’s Not Possession…”


I love how some people in mjfam think they know Michael’s family and give praise to the ones who actually exploited Michael for money (John Branca, Rabbi Shumley Boteach, for example), and believe every rumor they hear about the Jacksons. That is not only disrespecting Michael by calling his own flesh and blood, especially his mother, only out for money when her son’s blood is on real criminal’s hands. It’s also hypocritical, because we promise not to believe everything we hear in the media about Michael, but we crucify his family in a heartbeat. This is one of the reasons why mjfam can never be one cohesive force against the slanderous media, because there are factions in the fandom, over who likes the Jackson family or not, who supports the estate or not, etc.  How would anyone know what she goes through at the mere mentioning of Michael’s name? She lost a child! That is pure ignorance to just assume ‘oh since she’s making a film, she’s trying to milk money from her son’s dead body’. SICKENING. You don’t know her, no one knows what goes on in their day to day lives, yet you hear rumors from outside sources, ‘spokespersons’ that try to associate their names with the J Family. The same thing happened to Michael. We need to remember that Michael belonged to Katherine Jackson first, his siblings, his children, and then US. Stop viewing him as a perfect possession and view him as a human being who had human parents/siblings, etc. Not every decision they make needs anyone’s approval.



6 thoughts on ““So I’ve Learned That Love’s Not Possession…”

  1. You are abosolutely right. I’ve read some of the comments by fans bashing Michael’s family and I think this is ridiculous. The Jacksons are the enemy here…and they don’t deserve to be treated as though they are, imo

    • Thats okay, I understand what you meant lol. I think its a shame how Michael’s family is being treated now that he is no longer here. Thanks so much for commenting! 🙂

  2. Thank you.

    Its equally sad that vindictive women spread rumours about Jermaine calling him a pedophile. Disgusting to see same person calling Prince a liar. Another call “The Jackson family terrorist.”

    Someone should make a list of all such users then everyone should block them!

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