#MJFAM Sick of it!


I will not un follow/ block you if I do not agree with your opinion, BUT I will if all that is seen from following is toxic anger, petty arguments, who did this, who did that, or if you are saying nasty/ mean things about Michael’s family or dis respecting me. I don’t do all that drama. Anger and conflict is very toxic for me. I am just here to talk about and appreciate MJ with other fans. I follow ppl who have Facts or interesting/ educational things to say about MJ, or for fans who have a witty sense of humor. I swear if one more MJ fan gives me an ‘ultimatum’ like ‘if you follow this person, or RT ppl’s status that I don’t like, I block you’, I WILL give you an very unfriendly piece of my mind. I am not here for your follow, I’m here to HAVE FUN talking about MJ, and defending him. I didn’t come here to feel ‘pressured’ about who I should and shouldn’t follow, RT, Fave, whatevs. Now, that is all.


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  1. Wow, that’s so unfair to do that to you….it’s sad really. Why can’t we just be ourselves but still love MJ. Why are we expected to morph into a one mind society? We are no the Borg… We are MJ Lovers! Thanks for ur words…

    • You’re welcome. It’s very manipulative and egotistical to do something like that to fans. We are all here for MJ. 🙂 Thank you very much for the comment!

  2. #MJFam I have the freedom to tell the ones that for some time I wrote and they wrote me back on twitter, why I would unfollow them if and when I see anything related to Taaj Malik and Teammichael777 appearing on my TL coming from their twitter accounts.

    Taaj Malik and Teammichael777 do NOT have the freedom to trash me over my PERSONAL life because of me willing to tell to some specific ppl why I unfollow them .

    If I communicate to these followers, in public, why I would unfollow them , I get ACCUSED that I should have done it in DM

    If I would communicate to these followers,in DM, why I would unfollow them, I get ACCUSED of going in DM and tell things to ppl behind the back


    Just BLOCK ME or UNFOLLOW ME , and ENDED IT !!


    I am NOT here for YOU and I am NOT here to kiss your ass , same as Taaj Malik and Teammichael777 and the puppets do, for acquiring consent and numbers (from #MJFam and the Jackson Family), for their RUBBISH “justice for MJ campaign”.

    Keep supporting the RUBBISH “justice for MJ campaign”, while keep giving a shit about what Taaj Malik and Teammichael777 and the puppets did and keep doing to other MJ’s fan.



    • Ok, First of all, if you were a REAL man, you wouldn’t curse at a lady who was trying to listen to your antics for months now. Second, I NEVER followed your Twitter, You followed ME, so you can unfollow me if you want to now. THIRD, DO NOT DARE accuse me of being a “puppet” or a person to slander someone. I am fully capable of having my own mind, and just because I say something that upsets you, I will not change my opinion to stroke your ego, and I have never slandered or sent hate mail to anyone in my life. You don’t know me, but I have gotten to know your type of personality well, and I am glad that I no longer have to see your rubbish on Tumblr, anywhere. Now, I am pretty sure you can understand what I am trying to say to you, and don’t need a translator for this. Or you can translate it into your language, it doesn’t matter, it still has the same message behind it. I am truly GLAD to have seen the last of you. All I have done was try to help you and listen to you, but you decide to take your anger for what others have done to you out on me? You picked the wrong person to mess with. I think you’re so caught up in trying to not be a “puppet” of any group that you are paranoid. You are a toxic person that has taught me a lesson, and I feel sorry for anyone who calls you friend or acquaintance. Good Riddance.

      • Marco, if you don’t like what you see on your TL “unfollow” you have no rights to say what others can or cannot tweet or retweet. You began with harassing Diane, moved onto Taylor, tweeted TheMJAP “I am unfollowinf you bc i don’t want to see certain rt in my TL” they replied” Okay”

        But for some reason you seem to think you can order women around, well you can’t. You dictate, dont get the results you want, then attack. Put everyone in one boat calling them puppets. You insult numerous people unprovoked. Who do yo think you are bc all i see is a out of control mad man. Your behavior is not acceptable, and when we make that clear the lies start from youfor days, weeks MONTHS, We have not mentioned you since we parted ways but you attack me and my followers daily. How dare you call any of us scammers. I chose to be friends with JJ and im a scammer according to you. Talor wont be pushed around so you label her too. Like go and get professional help, if not for the way you treat people online, do it for ur family, a new born baby, do it for whatever reason but DO IT!!! And don’t bother closing ur Twitter a/c only to return you’ve done that how many times??? Today i was sent your rants from a fan club that barred you(All clubs forums have banned you) I see you doing the same thing, attacking, name calling group of people, thats why they barred you not bc they are with Sony or Estate. I saw you attacking Ivy too, shes does NOT have to reply to you. Diane is throwing you scraps only nc she hates me, u really think she gives a toss about you when you attack her friend? ??

  3. I am going to say this one thing. There is no room in this world for anger being directed at people on their own path, minding their own business. I was subjected to that for most of my life by an out of control, blinded with anger, hostile, aggressive, abusive male figure. Whom I loved with all my heart and still do, and will always want unconditional love from. Because every child wants nothing more than to love and be loved — most especially by their parents and family. I strongly suggest that that is at the very core of Marco’s toxic behavior. Most especially towards women. But none of us are here to be a therapist or punching bag for anyone. I know why I’m here. Michael Jackson. Justice. World healing. LOVE.

    Those with honest, open hearts and motives will understand and believe that — based on how I have represented myself here on social media for the past 2-3 years. Same with all of you. We learn and gauge as best we can, who each other are by the way we publicly (and/or privately) communicate with one another and the world out here. What we stand for, believe in, fight for. How we walk the walk in life. Trust is so difficult to acquire and yet it is vital. Trust, like respect, is earned. It is easily broken.

    I do feel deep concern and protectiveness for new life being surrounded my negative energy. Michael’s heart wanted to protect children… the newborn babes with all the promise of a happy healthy life ahead of them.

    The world’s tyrants throughout history could have been turned around with love, nurturing, compassion in their youth. Michael believed this with all his heart and mind. AND WE KNOW HE WAS RIGHT ON CORRECT.

    And so I am going to wish someone who is choosing a destructive path the ability the heal. Someone who is going out of their way to target me unprovoked, along with people I care about, I am going to wish them healing from the self-loathing that they feel inside and are turning outward onto others. Marco, seek help in moving out of the downward spiral and into the light of love. Do it for your child.

  4. So now Marco is screaming on twitter he did not post the comments her, well i would say they are blatant attacks on women by a man…. So now he is accusing this blogger of copying those “attacks” and posting them here. Lord help him, i will not allow him to steal my peace of mind as his accusations continue against me, my health is more important then dealing with a psychotic!!! I hope everyone can ser how easily this nut throws around accusations to cover up his deranged behavior!!!

  5. I witnessed Marco attack Diane then Taylor, he then came onto this blog to attack Taylor more, WE advised her go authorise the post so everyone can see what a bully he is!! Marco had been treating myself and Wendy the same way for TWO yrs. We defended him against so many bc he is so good at throwing a Pity Party!! We finally had enougj and blocked him, since them Marco has made numerous, slanderous allegations towards us. NOW HE IS DOING THE SAME TO TAYLOR. He is an abusive dangerous man who should be reported to the authorities!!!

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