#mjfam Justin Bieber, the ‘New Michael Jackson’?


Why is there an increasing habit of calling Justin Bieber the new ‘ King of Pop’ or the next Michael Jackson? It’s quite annoying actually. I understand that Bieber has his fans, but the next mj? Really? Why is there such an effort to forget Michael? To put someone else in his place? This is not happening to anyone else who has passed and is a musical legend; not James Brown, Elvis Presley, no one! Replace 45 years of a musical legacy with a disruptive teenager who thinks the world revolves around him? I don’t think so. I am not saying that Justin Bieber is talentless, but he needs to try and be himself rather than someone he can never replace. You cannot become a great artist by being unauthentic. If you have a role model, it’s good to draw inspiration from them, but try and be an exact replica and you might as well become an impersonator. Please stop trying to replace Michael Jackson. If that were even possible, whoever were to replace him would have to be so good that he/she would be better than or equal to Michael Jackson!


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