My Opinion On The Jacksons vs AEG Verdict (Part 1)


#mjfam Well, looks like #AEG Live was successful in portraying MJ as a ‘doctor shopper’ 😦 Jurors also believed that AEG was kept in the dark about Dr. Murray using propofol, and the jury foreman said that there was no evidence to suggest that AEG knew what was going on between Murray and MJ, though they did expect him to do his ‘general care’ job well. But when they did see when something was wrong, AEG did meet with the doctor to see why MJ wasn’t going to rehearsals, NOT to see what was wrong with MJ, is this guy doing his JOB right, should we hire another, better doctor? Even though they did not know exactly what was going on, they could have STILL put MJ’s health and safety above money and getting to rehearsals. AEG said ‘I don’t care what is wong with Michael Jackson, the show must go on’, no canceling of the tour to make sure MJ got better, no actual investigating of the doctor they hired the moment when people around MJstarted saying that something was wrong, and if MJ had a doctor, why did he look so bad, just interest in money. I think AEG is still liable.they didn’t even have to go into MJ’s medical records to investigate Murray when they saw that something was wrong! They could have said’ hold on’ ppl are saying mj is getting worse and worse, and we hired a doc to see to his health’ why is our star not healthy? Why is our star looking like this with a ‘competent’ doctor for ‘general care, let’s investigate him?’? Instead, Randy Phillips and Gongaware squashed any one who said MJ needs help and said ‘the show must continue!’ Oh, and now we know that the jury was actually clapping for Kenny Ortega. I honestly think that Kenny tried to help, but he didn’t know exactly what was wrong with MJ.That would probably explain why he said MJ appeared to have a miraculous recovery on the 2 days before he passed (because those rehearsals were much better, and MJ seemed more like himself) Why no one took him to a hospital, I don’t know. :/ maybe no one knew exactly what was wrong with MJ, and they didn’t think it was as serious as it was. I’m not trying to make excuses for anyone, just trying to piece this story together. It is possible AEG had no idea in the begining about the doc, but later on when MJ started to deteriorate, they never asked what’s wrong, never went to MJ and asked him ‘do you need a break, should we postpone the tour until a certain date’, etc. NO. AEG didn’t know because they didn’t want to know. They wanted their money. #greed.

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