#MJFAM 9 Reasons why AEG Live is Liable…Along with Randy Phillips, Paul Gongaware, and Phillip Anschutz!


Judge adds: “Plaintiffs presented substantial evidence that (AEG’s) conduct was a substantial factor in causing (Jackson’s) death”- Alan Duke, CNN

“Judge in AEG trial has explained her decision to remove Phillips and Gongaware as defendants. Substantial evidence has been presented at trial from which a jury can reasonably infer that (AEG) knew or should have known that Dr. Murray presented an undue risk of harm to (Jackson). Plaintiffs presented substantial evidence that (AEG’s) conduct was a substantial factor in causing (Jackson’s) death. Randy Phillips and Paul Gongaware did not assume personal liability. Rather, they acted solely as an agent of AEG Live.”- CE Thompson, British Journalist

OK, it has been obvious since Day 1 that the judge presiding over this case (“Judge” Yvette Palazuelos) is biased and bought by some members of AEG Live. First she did not allow cameras into the courtroom, so the public could hear valuable testimony and witness for themselves the vile and immature conduct of O’Melveny and Myers, the firm that AEG hired to defend them. Also, she did not want to expose her bias to the world. Next came  an effort to decrease the amount people in the courtroom. People who have been following the case closely know what I am talking about. All I have to say on the matter is that the claim that the conduct of AEG was a major cause of Michael’s death is a very reasonable one, considering it is mostly their fault that MJ stressed out. However, that other half of the Judge’s statement about there not being sufficient evidence to find Gongaware and Phillips Liable is B to the S.  What AEG should be held liable for is the fact that (1) They ignored Michael’s pleas for a better schedule, (2) They bound him in a contract that was deceiving and held all his assets (not to mention his very expensive ATV catalog) should he not be able to perform the 50 shows that he DID NOT sign up for, (3) At least ONE of the executives (*cough* Paul… Gongaware…) knew about Michael’s previous problems with medication from the Dangerous tour, yet claims he knew nothing about it until MJ’s passing (which is a lie). Michael made his struggles known worldwide during the dangerous tour. (4) Randy Phillips and Kenny Ortega and Travis Payne forced Michael to attend rehearsals, even though in the contract, he was not required to attend. Michael always rehearsed on his own in previous tours. (5) They treated him with contempt, and supposed “tough love”, which wasn’t love at all, called him “creepy” and a “freak” behind his back, (6) Randy Phillips admitted in an email to slapping and screaming at Michael “so loud that the walls shook“.  (7) They pressured his doctor to do as they, the “producer”, said, not Michael, “the artist”, in turn causing Murray to take more risks for his paycheck, (8) They hired a doctor who could not say no to either AEG or Michael, who may have thought he needed the propofol in order to sleep so he could have energy for the long and grueling schedule they laid out for him (9) Paul Gongaware emailed Kathy Jorrie, and told her to make the show’s performance schedule not look so rigorous, basically to deceive Michael -(click on the highlighted links/words that will take you to the evidence). If anything, Gongaware and Phillips are the most liable because they inflicted the most damage, along with Thome.

Another point: If AEG could check on Thome Thome because they were concerned about his authenticity, if they claimed to know exactly what Arnold Klein was giving Michael, why couldn’t they have checked Murray the same way?

Lastly, we have the ‘big boss’—Phillip Anschutz, who should also be in jail. He’s the one who approved all of this in the first place. He should have been the first one up on the stand to squirm. I truly hope that he has no happiness in life, and that all the money in the world will only leave him in suffering. I hope they all suffer.

Overall, the main basis of this case was whether or not AEG hired Murray, which was admitted in emails and on national television that they did. End of story. AEG loses. Nothing else really matters. Michael’s past med problems had NOTHING to do with AEG’S negligence in willfully (I think) hiring a destitute doctor to control Michael. They should all be in jail.


Dan Beckerman, AEG’s chief operating officer, sent Phillips, the chief executive of concert division AEG Live, a YouTube link to Jackson’s shaky 2001 MTV appearance and asked, “Can he pull this off?”

“With time and rehearsal,” Phillips wrote back.

Pressed by another promoter about Jackson’s ability to deliver, Phillips shot back in an email, “He has to or financial disaster awaits.” Taken from: https://www.facebook.com/fernandacaminoMJFan/posts/10200505044134754MORE evidence that they knew about Michael’s past problems with medication, yet decided to pursue him ANYWAY) Yeah, Phillips and Gongaware aren’t responsible…stupid Judge…



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZkjCrimUzQ -Randy admits that AEG hired Murray



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