Artists, Beware…


#mjfam #singers #dancers #directors watch out in the #EntertainmentIndustry. There is still #racism in #Hollywood. There is MAJOR #Corruption in the #California Justice system. Make sure to do your research and be TOUGH when going into the entertainment business, because promotion and recording companies like #AEG and the William Morris Agency, and #SONY have evidence of RACISM and corruption. Promotion companies should not have the power over #artists creative work, or their image. They have taken too much control. The time has come for artists to promote their own work and take control of their image, not what the world wants them to be. Look what AEG DID to #MichaelJackson, the greatest entertainer musician and dancer of all time. Not everyone in the #public knows that the executives knew Mj had a sleeping and drug “problem”, and chose to ignore it, caring about their paychecks more than the artist’s safety in the hands of a delinquent doctor, Conrad Murray. Not everyone in the public knows that an AEG executive (RANDY PHILLIPS)harassed and SLAPPED Michael Jackson and forced him to go to rehearsals, KNEW he had sleeping problems, yet, made a DEMANDING rehearsal AND show schedule, which caused Michael to stress, and use Propofol in order to get sleep because he had SEVERE INSOMNIA. Not everyone knows that #AEG executives called him a #freak and #creepy behind his back. Record companies have lost respect for the artists that MAKE them. ALL of AEG responsible for the death of Michael Jackson! I am not done here!