About the New Daily Mirror Article on Michael Jackson


Hello and good morning/after noon/ evening MJFAM! I am here to announce that a popular British tabloid magazine called The Daily Mirror has published yet ANOTHER fraudulent story about Michael today based their ‘so-called findings’ from the FBI files. I will not post the link to the article, because more views to the story = more money made. However, I will give you the twitter and email addresses of the Daily Mirror writers. Basically the article says that Mr. Jackson was being investigated in the 1980s, but this was put on hold because MJ had to go accept an award at the white house from president Reagan. This is sickening because they twist the truth and make it say Michael was investigated in the 80’s, when he was not. The only thing that these FBI files addressed was a rumor that he was being investigated for ‘molesting’ two young Mexican boys. Someone had called to inquire whether MJ was being investigated for child abuse of the two boys, and the FBI researched the rumor itself (which produced no results, no witnesses, no one came forward) NOT Michael Jackson, and put it in their report that this was a rumor and nothing else. The FBI was not investigating MJ in the 80’s guys. Don’t believe this BS.

I don’t know why these people call themselves ‘The Daily Mirror’. They need to hold a mirror up to themselves and see how years of publishing false stories without a conscience has turned them all into monsters. They must feel really empty inside without morals. Anyway, I think it’s high time we as fans come together no matter what you believe to write emails to papers like The Mirror and get them shut down, or get them to stop posting false stories. If everyone keeps this up and keeps the emails flowing into their offices, I think we can pressure them into stopping this madness. They have no regard for Michael’s family, or his three children, or who Michael was as a person, or for his reputation and legacy. Now we must do the job that his crooked estate won’t do: defend him! Here are the emails:

Online Editorial:
Mirror.co.uk – Ben Rankin
+44 (0) 207 293 3396

For comments and questions about Mirror.co.uk email: feedback@mirror.co.uk

To have your say about a story email: mailbox@mirror.co.uk ben.rankin@mirror.co.uk

And, once again,here are the Twitter addresses to The Daily Mirror:

@thesundaypeople @dailymirror

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dailymirror

Oh, and another thing: if you write to them, be polite and don’t go crazy with all caps and exclamation marks, because the media has always used this tactic to discredit MJ fans as ‘fanatic’ blind, or ‘crazy’. If you need access to the FBI files to see for yourself, click here:

——-> http://vault.fbi.gov/search?SearchableText=Michael+Jackson