AEG-Jacksons trial DAY 24. Randy Phillips SLAPPED Michael Jackson


I wish I could slap Randy Phillips…That’s all I have to say. #SMH

Vindicating Michael

Randy Phillips, top man and President of AEG Live SLAPPED Michael Jackson and almost no one in the media wrote about it.

I just slapped himThis AEG boss slapped Michael and is now explaining it by the need to go a press-conference. His earlier version was that Michael was “drunk”, however when questioned under oath he says that it was an “exaggeration”.

Michael was sober and that press-conference was not even needed as with half a million people already in the queue it did not really matter – they could release a public statement instead.

Randy Phillips slapped Michael because he wanted that press-conference and was forcing him to go there. From the very start of it he was showing his ‘partner’ who was the boss there and who was to obey.

This is how their cooperation started, and this is how it ended too – by them grinding him down to his death…

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