AEG – Jackson trial DAY 16. A RACE FOR INSURANCE while the ship is sinking


Vindicating Michael

I wanted to write about the AEG/Michael Jackson contract but Shawn Trell’s testimony is so big a thing that I can’t even say which of its points is more important – the farce AEG are playing over their contracts, Murray as their marionette, their big race for the insurance or other things like for example, AEG’s plans to pay $5mln to Frank Dileo for a statement that Michael agreed to cover all production costs.

With so much to say I decided to select only one thing and then slowly go over each of them. But first let me share some personal impressions of the attorneys for both parties.

Ms. Stebbins is methodical and has coached her AEG clients very well. She sounds like the one who knows all the questions we’ve been asking about the AEG/Michael Jackson contract and discusses each of them with Shawn Trell. I am far from…

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