Time to stop taking Diane Dimond’s LIES for Blanca Francia’s DEPOSITION


You know, for all the people who claim they use logic and aren’t fooled easily, you’d think that the tabloids wouldn’t get as much attention or business for that matter.

Credit: Helena from vindicatemj

Vindicating Michael

The “shower” episode described by Blanca Francia is an extremely boring and futile matter to discuss. You quote her deposition of 1993 where she said she saw one blurred image of Michael only and heard only his laughter too, but you still receive comments like this one from your readers:

“Many fans say MJ didn’t shower with Wade Robson, but why did Blanca Francia MJ’s former maid say she saw MJ and Wade showering together? During the 2005 trial, housekeeper Blanca Francia testified that she saw Jackson and Robson showering together when Robson was seven or eight years old in the late ’80s, but that steam from the shower prevented her from seeing what was going on.

It’s troubling to know that MJ showered with Wade. I don’t think it was good that MJ showered with Wade. Why couldn’t he allow Wade to shower alone. He was old enough to…

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