The 11 Year Trial



On June 13th,2005 Michael Jackson was acquitted of 14 counts of child molestation, kidnap, and administering alcohol to an underage sick child. Think about those charges for a moment and how serious they are. They tried to say Michael conspired with at least two other people to kidnap and kill the Arvizo family- which was disproved. They tried to say he administered alcohol to Gavin Arvizo in order to molest him countless times-which again, was disproved in court. Staff at Neverland Ranch repeatedly testified to the Arvizo family being very disrespectful and even violent. Star and Gavin would threaten the maids, get pass codes to secret areas and go in Michael’s things while he was not around. It is no secret that he and Star brought their own adult porn to Neverland.This is all in court documents and testimony. It is very confusing as to why the media keeps re-releasing the same debunked story from 11 years ago. In 2004 the media tried to release false information about the trial, that they found child porn in Michael’s residencies, which was shut down even by the prosecution!


Statement released in 2004 from the office of defense attorney Tom Mesereau

Websites like @DailyMail or @Radar_Online are known for constantly releasing false information about Michael Jackson and his family. This has been going on for years yet people are acting like this news is a fresh discovery. It is not widely known that Michael had solid alibis for each of these dates he supposedly molested these children. It is not widely know that Michael never invited random children that he didn’t even know, into his bed. According to numerous people who testified in the trial, his bedroom alone was like a two story apartment. He never asked anyone to sleep in his bed and said that numerous times. Another thing the public does not know is that Michael often gave his bed to guests who wanted to sleep in his room, and slept down stairs or on the floor. The media tried so hard to hide all of this information, but by publishing lies, it enables fans to spread the truth. Michael did not only have children sleeping in his bedroom. It has been proven that adults would sleep in his room with their kids as well. His nieces and nephews slept in there.



Allow me to address the subject of Michael “inviting” people into his room. I already established that he never invited anyone into his room. The media claims that he would take random kids in there which is totally false. He had children come to Neverland from inner cities on field trips or from the Make A Wish foundation, they would play all day and be entertained, and then go home. It was not a big sleep over event like the news would have you believe.

I will not post court testimony here because I have been repeating myself for too long. Karen Faye, Jermaine Jackson, Taj Jackson, Paris and Prince Jackson have all taken to social media to defend Michael. I strongly urge that society stop claiming to be informed without actually doing the necessary work to be informed. When Michael said that kids followed him everywhere and that they wanted to “be” with him it was not in a sexual way.


I will not post images or links to this Daily Mail story. I will only reiterate what I already said in the beginning of this post. These lies originated from a popular tabloid called Radar Online. These outlets are connected, so whenever they post something about MJ, they twist it to make him look sinister and it spreads to other outlets. They have been doing this since the 80s. I have already posted the statement that Judge Melville signed off on to give Tom Mesereau permission to confirm that the reports the police found child porn at Neverland Ranch is FALSE. This was in 2004 people! Do you now see how you cannot trust the media to give you up to date and accurate information all the time? They repeat this story for 11 years and fans and his family have had to deal with it. The general public thinks that this is a new thing! Taj Jackson is one of Michael’s nephews. He defends his uncle to death and is about to pursue legal action against each of these outlets for using his image to claim that shirtless pictures of the 3T band that he’s apart of was included in the “naked children” statement  they found in Michael’s ranch.

On Snapchat they are claiming that Michael had a secret sex closet, which is ridiculous! This smear campaign is nothing but a huge attack on Michael’s race, legacy, and sexuality-and the lies were published five days before the anniversary of his death. Michael was a non gender role conforming heterosexual man who was slightly androgynous. People think that a man collecting toys and dolls is evidence of sexual perversion, and it was so easy for the media to spin it that way. He may not have had what’s considered a normal hobby but he bought toys to give to kids in orphanages for the most part. It wasn’t just about him. Not all men have to love sports or collect cars-which Michael did a little of both anyway. That closet was full of things he’d collected and earned throughout his career.


I already wrote a short blog post about the settlements Michael “made” in the past but I will not link them in this post because I feel like the public are screaming about these settlements as an admission of his guilt without actually analyzing why the settlements were made, and also what the terms were.

“It is General practice for an insurer to be entitled to control settlement negotiations and the insured [MICHAEL JACKSON] is precluded from any interference…under the majority of contracts for liability insurance, the absolute control of the defense of the matter is turned over to the INSURANCE COMPANY and the insured is excluded from any interference in any negotiation for settlement or other legal proceedings…the insured may not interfere with nor prevent such settlements.”

This is a screen shot of an actual court document. I highlighted the essential parts because the general public does not understand and the media refuses to report this. Michael Jackson was the one being insured on the Dangerous tour by his insurance company. They took control of the settlements to prevent any liability to their company. So, a company payed settlements to Jordan Chandler’s family in 1994, NOT Michael Jackson. Michael wanted the criminal trial to move forward so that he could testify on the stand in order to exonerate himself, but once the company payed the Chandlers they dropped the criminal charges. Nothing prevented them from testifying against Michael Jackson in the future. A lot of people like to forget that Evan Chandler and Blanca Francia demanded money from Michael because they felt they were entitled to it. These were very greedy people and they aren’t the only ones who wanted money.

A lot of people forget that Evan Chandler tried to kill his own child for the settlement money. He never cared about Jordan and even said he would finance his dream to become a screenwriter and if Michael did not help him he would take him down with everyone else. The media never reported that Evan was later accused of molesting one of his patients. That court document is out there. I will link all of my sources at the bottom of this post because I have had enough.

Another word I need you all to pay attention to in the court document segment above? Notice the word “expedient”.

An insurance carrier has the right to settle claims covered when it decides settlement is expedient.”


The definition of expedient means convenient. So in other words an insurance company has the right to settle if it is convenient for them, no matter if it is viewed as immoral. Stop saying that Michael payed hush money to kids families when the FBI and IRS had track of where all his finances went from 1980-present. Stop saying that there were new FBI files released that showed he had child porn. That is false. False allegations happen not as frequently as rape happens, but they DO happen. Michael Jackson’s FBI files are public information. His insurance only payed two settlements in the 90s. Go to and search through the Vault. Type in Michael’s name and see that in each of his files he was stalked and threatened by mentally unstable fans, and that they found no child porn on any of his computers. The only thing they found in his house was adult porn because he was a heterosexual man who had a right to view what he liked. He never showed anyone his stash and that’s in court evidence. I could go into detail all day but the point is, fans are not your personal Google search engine. Read it for yourself and stop believing everything you see and hear on the news. This man has been on trial for what seems eleven years. Every time his name is mentioned someone states that he’s either guilty, or they’re undecided on how to feel about him. Let him rest in peace and stop attacking his reputation and legacy.



The Dangers of Helping Everybody


Where do I even begin? The past years on Twitter have been a roller coaster. From racism to harassment from 2014- 2015 to being manipulated into helping someone take down the wrong person. I’ll get to that in a second. For some reason a lot of people in this fan base think I am a “queen” or the ultimate person to come to about their problems. In the beginning it wasn’t an issue because I did not have as many followers but I am just now realizing; I can’t be everything to everyone at once. So, I ended up closing my direct messages and only focusing on the people I truly know. I don’t even consider myself popular in this fanbase to be honest.

Now, about that whole “going after the wrong person” thing. I am unable to find the words for how I was used and manipulated into spreading false information about someone named V, who is quite popular to a certain section of the Michael Jackson fanbase. It all started for me in December 2015, when two or three friends (I’ll just call them S, C, and Flav) came to me saying someone was being very misogynistic towards them, especially towards Flav. So I asked how I could help. S told me that Flav was feeling depressed. Suffering from severe depression myself, I went to Flav in DMs to see what was the matter. To simplify all of this, I thought that V was pursuing Flav as a minor so I became suspicious. People who were friends with V started slut shaming S and Flav for calling V out, because S and Flav felt V was being very disrespectful. I intervened because she had told me he was 18, pursuing Flav while she was a minor, which is not right, or legal. But it turns out that he was actually just talking to her while he was 17 and she was 15, and I guess maybe Flav expected a relationship but V was not interested in her because she was too young, He was college age. I cannot elaborate any further and I don’t  claim to know what else went down in their friendship, because I was not there.

Flav was not very clear with me in the beginning so I started immediately becoming suspicious of V. I cannot remember exactly what else happened because this all went down in December, but somewhere along the line someone led everyone to believe that V was predatory. Who this “someone”is, I will get to in a moment. So, I initially started calling V and his followers out for bullying and misogyny. Then S and C started believing V was predatory. So everyone started to call V out. My guess would be this “someone” caught wind of this suspicion and ran with it, and started spreading rumors that V was a pedophile out of revenge. Looking back on how this person moved so silently still manages to creep me out. Thoroughly.

Fast forward to May 13, 2016. An account called “stopfakersofmj” comes into my messages with a bunch of screenshots and I become curious. My first instinct was to block the account because a lot of the information of the page was not credible and the person behind it seemed mentally unstable, but I ignored my intuition and looked at their posts. This managed to creep me out because I saw some screenshots where V was talking about me and some of my followers in DMs. At first I thought that someone had posed as a friend to get screenshots of him being “inappropriate” with young fans. So that made me go into full alert and I became angry because I saw DMs where V was talking to his friends about me in a negative way. And I mentioned V, and did a periscope and told my followers to tag him in it. I cursed him out for talking shit but in hindsight I know he did it now because he was angry that I was going along with false rumors about him. I’m not defending some of the things he and other people said about me that were problematic though.It also turns out that the screenshots of group chats involving  V were either doctored, or cropped because those chats all involved people that were 18+ in age.

After I did my periscope chat cursing V out, I created a group DM with people that I could absolutely trust (with the exception of one person), and we went to work investigating who was behind a particular account named saturdayxbang, because at that time we were all under the impression that V was a stalker with multiple accounts. We thought that saturdayxbang was him as well. By the way, these friends I mentioned were not directly involved with calling V out, so I will not mention them for their safety. Just know we’re very good at doing research and investigating. I did not come to the conclusions I’m about to list, on my own.

Long story short, when all this chaos was going on, two other people approached me in DMs. I’ll call them A, and In*. A was pulled into this by In*, so I do not blame her for helping me go after V. In* and A told me that C (my friend from earlier) was behind saturdayxbang. Also someone in the private chat told me the same thing. So I became suspicious of C, wondering why, if she was one of the first people to come to me about V possibly being predatory, why she would suddenly change her tune and start supporting and defending V. I came to C in DMs, where she revealed that she lied to me about being saturdayxbang. I became angry at her for not being honest with me but I eventually moved on from that. She said she was scared to tell me because she didn’t know how I would respond to her. C also told me that she only became saturdayxbang to spy on certain people, in order to help with getting the truth out about V, I guess.

I knew something was off when she revealed that she was defending V. So, I went back to DMs in the group chat with my trustworthy friends and said that C was indeed behind saturdayxbang. That is when one of my  friends (call her S) alerted me to a pressing issue, but then I knew something was definitely wrong when she DMed me separately from the entire group. “Do not trust Liyah” she told me. And so I kept “Liyah” in the dark in the private chat then created another more secure chat so we all could speak freely. S revealed to me that she had been speaking to C and V. I was surprised. At first I was skeptical. I did not trust V however C was being honest and telling the truth with me about being behind that saturday account. So I decided to listen to S. She told me that Liyah lied and gave me proof that Liyah knew V was innocent since December 2015. Once I found out that Liyah had been witholding information I became enraged, and plotted.

While I plotted to call all of these people out publicly (I made a list of five people), S revealed to me that V had a stalker, someone who began all those rumors about V in the first place. So I DMd V and apologized for helping to spread that misinformation, because it was damaging to his reputation. I planned to get the truth out, and V told me he suspected at least 3 people who may have been encouraged by this unknown stalker to spread these rumors. Call them Kim, In*, and Liyah.

That’s right. Liyah.

Aside from this stalker situation, Liyah was so focused on getting back at C for personal beef that did not involve me, that she let me call V out on May 13th. She knew he was innocent all along yet let me continuously call V out, even before that. What she did was unforgivable but in the end she did manage to tell me some truth. I called her, Kim, In*, and Kelsey out publicly, as well as the stopfakersofmj account. As soon as I make an evidence thread I will post it to this blog.

Let me shorten this story because if I go into full detail about what went down this post will go on forever. Basically, I interrogated each of them. V told me Kim may have started rumors about him and teamed up with Kelsey out of jealousy, which would not be hard to believe because I have notes of her that V gave me, telling him to stay away from C, and other women in the fandom she was jealous of.  That is one reason why I called In* and Kim out publicly. In* still has not responded to me to defend herself if she is innocent of spreading these rumors. I did however catch Kim in many lies. I do not claim to know if she started those rumors against V because she does not even follow Kelsey. In the beginning she defended V against rumors, but I called her out anyway just to see her reaction. Also, besides her being suspected of spreading rumors, I discovered that she was talking shit about me behind a locked account, despite us having unfollowed each other over a year ago. Apparently she lied about me to people in the fandom, claiming that I, a pro-black African American woman mixed with Indian ancestry, hated V because he was mixed with Black, European, and Indian ancestry. How absurd. I came after her for that, and she blocked me for catching her in a lie.Not only did I get this information from V, I got it from someone who I’ll call “Han”.

Han told me also that Kim was spreading mess about me to a girl named Kelley and she had proof. Kim is mixed herself, and Kelley is white. Kim had the audacity to complain to Kelley about my pro-black tweets. And Kelley complained about me to  a girl named Guilia. I have never followed Kelley or Guilia so their stupid asses had no business making assumptions about me. If Guilia wants to speak to me it wouldn’t be wise because I ‘ll come after her too for trying to discredit my evidence that Kelsey is behind the stopfakers account. And she doesn’t have shit to say to my face, like all cowards do. I have no problem saying each of their names publicly because I’m tired of fake people playing the victim after talking shit. If we never followed or known each other the best thing for you to do is keep your mouth shut and stop claiming to know me or my intentions. They all deleted their tweets towards me, acting like I don’t have screenshots.

Kim, being the coon she is, had the audacity to talk to a white person saying I was racist. If she knew anything about racism, it’s that people of color cannot be racist to white people, but I already explained that in a previous post. It gives you a bad look, as a black person, to cater to white feelings and dismiss actual racism for their approval.

Anyway, don’t worry this story is drawing to a close soon. About Kelsey. I immediately started researching this guy. V told me his full name because they used to talk to each other regularly. V also told me the reason why Kelsey is doing all this is because he tried to warn some fans back then about Kelsey, who is a 50 year old white man that posed as a minor in order to pursue a relationship with young fans, in a sexual way (this is what V told me). I became disgusted. Not only because I and a lot of people went after the wrong person, but because this man would dare make his “hunting ground” the fanbase of a black man who was falsely accused of molestation himself, MJ.

You guys will not believe what I’m going to say next.

I found out that Kelsey followed In*, and Liyah. So, I asked him why he followed them and he repeatedly dodged my questions and denied even knowing these people. He lied, because Liyah was able to give me screenshots of this man coming into her and another person’s DMs, encouraging them to spread rumors that V is a pedophile. So, I believe that Kelsey may have managed to turn some of the fandom against V at some point in November-December 2015, because those screen shots I got from Liyah were dated in November. Not only did I discover this, I went to Kelsey’s locked account that V told me about, and it had “STOP FAKERS OF MJ” in big ass print, plastered and edited onto a newspaper in his background. Kelsey claims that I illegally got his name and pictures but he publicly posted them. I don’t even know how to hack and get addresses. If that were the case, I would have put a stop to the intense and unwarranted harassment I went though from 2014-2015.

Not only did Kelsey change his background after I made those connections, FLAV, one of the people I mentioned earlier, one of the first people who came to me about V, told me that Kelsey once tried to come to her about V on another one of his accounts that is now suspended! Like I said, this guy moved silently. He even followed me from his king_mike_1958 account (he recently changed the name, btw) and took screenshots of all of my tweets against V in order to use them against me. If Kelsey is reading this, please know I am not the one to trifle with. How dare you and others use me as a tool when I as just trying to help a friend in the first place, Flav. Flav should have spoken up earlier then I would not have gone after V the way I did. It doesn’t matter now because it’s in the past.

Kelsey, whether you are a pedophile or not, you have an unhealthy obsession with V and you need to cease and desist all of your actions. Your entire account is libel. You involved me in this and you keep mentioning me despite my many efforts to tell you to stop. I want nothing to do with your revenge against V because really, all of you put me in this and I should not have been so eager to help anyone in the first place. That’s how I got into this crazy situation! Now I have no choice but to pursue the truth. Do not make me get the law involved because I broke no laws. You however are obviously guilty of cyber stalking and harassment. I will file a cyber stalking report with the FBI if you refuse to stop using my tweets to slander an innocent person. Whatever problem you have with V, he will deal with you. Leave me and other people out of this because you’re making this a bigger mess than it has to be. This is your last warning.








Racism in the Michael Jackson Fanbase Part 2


Yes, I’m back again with another rant about the racism I have encountered while being a Michael Jackson fan. It’s not just me experiencing this, mind you. I have plenty of friends who are Black/POCs that can tell you many stories about the casual-and not so casual- racism they’ve experienced in the fan base as well. I want to make this as short as possible, because it feels like I have to keep repeating myself. Firstly, if you have not read the first part of this article, I advise that you do so in order that you may get a notion of what’s been going on.

Secondly, I need to bring to your attention a heated interaction I had with a so called Michael Jackson fan who supports the most racist presidential candidate Donald Trump, who goes by the name of MattsFTR on YouTube. I was disgusted, along with many others, that someone who claimed to support a socially conscious Black star who hated all forms of racism and prejudice, would so blatantly support someone as bigoted as Trump. Unfortunately, some fans must think that Vitiligo has the ability to change one’s race. They must have forgotten that Mike was always a proud Black man.

No, Donald Trump was not a true friend to Michael Jackson, and I will not do MJ the disservice of posting Trump’s pictures on this blog. My layout is too pretty for that. Also, I know Trump was not a true friend, because where was Trump’s public endorsement of Michael’s innocence in 1993 and 2005? Did he send him money to help with legal bills? Did he risk his career by defending him, or did he even call him after the trial in 2005? Not to my knowledge. Now he wants to drop Michael’s name just for attention from the media. Well, it worked unfortunately. Jermaine was not happy at all, and he had every  right to be mad.

Now, back to my little argument with Matt. Before I was made aware that he supports Trump, I thought he was a legitimate fan who cared about Michael’s legacy. I watched his videos from time to time because the profanity was funny, and he managed to prove some MJ haters wrong.

However, I no longer support him or watch his videos. I haven’t watched them in a year, if I recall correctly. You find more factual info and disproving of haters on the Vindicate MJ site, to be honest. No “activist” for MJ is perfect, but what I won’t tolerate is racism, or the deliberate twisting of the truth.

White entitlement is dangerous. I don’t believe all white people have a innate sense of entitlement, but a lot do. It could range anywhere from a white person demanding you educate them or coddle their feelings (which I believe in the long run can damage a Black person’s mental well being), to them thinking we should all just go back to Africa if we’re not happy here-when THEY are the ones who have immigrant ancestors!

Not only did Matt proudly state this was one of his racist buddies he was joking around with (as evidenced in screenshots) he didn’t care to realize that laughing at the use of racial slurs was also enabling it.


Matt demanded that I, a Black person, give him proof of the existence of racism spewed by Trump that I and people like me are directly affected by. A prime example of white privilege and thinking you’re entitled to my space and time. Also, he constantly used misogynistic slurs and gaslighted me because he failed to come up with any valid points. These are not the kind of fans I want speaking up for a Black man’s legacy. Michael was very pro-black, and spoke about white privilege and whitewashing plenty of times. It is beyond me how some of you elect to “not see color” and not absorb the rich messages he left us, especially his people.

How dare you first of all, completely deny my experiences just because it doesn’t fit into your comfortable little narrative. There is no possible way you can defend Trump without me questioning your sanity. At all. Then he (Matt) kept displaying his lack of knowledge of micro aggressions by using them. He actually used the words “you people” when referring to Blacks and Muslims. That is a micro aggression with racial undertones. Ignorance!  He also pretended to have fake sympathy for one of my friends (who joined in the argument) because she said a temporary ban on Muslims that Trump endorsed would direct her directly. He said that a ban on Muslims was not racist.

He said that a ban on Muslims was not racist!

And you wonder why some Black people have a distrust towards white people sometimes? Some of you have absolutely terrible ways of thinking that you have to unlearn. You don’t get that what your ancestors did directly affects minorities to this day, but I will not repeat myself. Stop saying borderline racist things and getting mad when we correct you. Take that opportunity to learn something! Stop demanding that I coddle your feelings when I’m the one having to deal with much worse things than generalization. Racial jokes about you do not hold the same weight as the ones against me, and that’s obvious. I could go on all day about this, but at this point it’s redundant. I can only document things, and I will.

I’ve said this before, but if I have to defend MJ’s legacy at the expense of your “white feelings”, then so be it. There’s no way in hell I’ll let you whitewash his art. Oh, and I am no longer going to cater to anyone’s feelings by saying that pro black is not equal to anti white. That’s just another level of respectability politics that I don’t have time for.

Court documents about the 1993 CASE and MALICIOUS PROSECUTION of Michael Jackson


Vindicating Michael

We continue studying the 2005 court documents in search for MJ’s phantom victims and their millions, as well as the “wealth of evidence” from the 90s which allegedly could not be admitted at trial due to some technicalities.

This is already part 3 of the search and up till now not a single trace of the above has been found. On the contrary, we learned that all discovery from the 1993 case was requested by the defense and it was the prosecution who blocked it with excuses that it is extremely “complex” and “demanding of time” and they have “limited resources”, and to crown it all, the discovery from prior investigation is “irrelevant”.

A short reminder from the defense’s motion on September 3, 2004:

“The prosecution has not responded in writing to this request. The prosecution has stated in court, however, that discovery from the prior investigation is irrelevant” 

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The adventures of Michael Jackson’s defenders in the world of his haters


Vindicating Michael

Recently all those who read, comment and write in this blog were stunned to find that it was suddenly suspended. And a couple of days later all of us were similarly stunned to suddenly find it back.

What happened?

The way I understand it Michael Jackson’s haters wanted to have the blog taken down and complained to WordPress that our reserve wordpress blogs were “spam” intended to promote the main site, and this is why the whole bunch of them should be taken down.

The WordPress looked it up, suspended the reserve blogs but restored the main one. So the bad news is that now we have only one blog (with no back-ups and no archives for the earlier posts), but the good news is that now this website is the only one and unique.

It means that if haters go on impersonating us (read about it in a post…

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An Analysis of Michael Jackson’s “Pro-Blackness”


Hello fellow MJ fans (and non MJ fans if you are reading this blog). Today I will discuss something that I’ve been dying to talk about for months and that is the subject of MIchael Jackson’s love for his African American heritage.

“The black tradition is a tradition of soul which is a gift of love and joy.  Soul is the most precious thing you can share because you’re sharing yourself and the world needs that gift now more than ever…” Michael Jackson Soul Train Humanitarian Awards, 1993


First off, I’d like to take note of how MJ made this short film all about appreciating different cultures, rather than appropriating. He always made it a point to expose the problems that people of color go through around the world, yet he never forgot to focus in on his own people and our issues. In this video, he touches on different cultures from Europe, India, Native American and African. One interesting thing in the beginning of the short film, we see Macaulay Culkin jamming to MJ, and his dad comes in and breaks his MJ poster, calling the music “garbage”. It’s very interesting how he started with this kind of scene as to say that the dad was bigoted against Michael, so Macaulay blasts his father into another part of the world where he can see music from other cultures, as if he’s targeting that message to bigoted audiences, telling them to open their minds.


🎶”I Took My Baby
On A Saturday Bang
Boy Is That Girl With You
Yes We’re One And The Same…”

mj burning cross

MJ using symbolism. Punching through the image of a burning cross, which is what the KKK used to do to threaten African Americans.

These lyrics come with the racially charged word “boy” – often used to emasculate and infantilize Black men. “Is that girl with you?” describes situations where white men would become enraged to see black men with their daughters, or black women with their sons. So “boy, is that girl with you?” is meant to be disrespectful, and MJ’s answer to that is ” yes, we’re one and the same”, a blatant message for haters to piss off and mind their own business.

🎶I Ain’t Scared Of
Your Brother
I Ain’t Scared Of No Sheets..

“I ain’t scared of no sheets”, obviously referring to the KKK. MJ said he wasn’t scared of cowardly racists who hide under sheets, and they won’t stop him from helping people and loving any race.


  Despite how anti-violence MJ was, he named his dance after the Black Panther Party; a militant group of civil rights activistsmj panther gif lead by Huey P. Newton. He also transformed into a black panther to symbolize the group. After turning into a human, Michael begins to let his frustration out through dance, and smashing up cars and windows that have racist messages on them. He also zips up his pants and dances suggestively, hinting at the fact that the media is always trying to emasculate black men, especially the ones who do not fit into gender norms who are sensitive and show emotion. In this short film, I think MJ is making powerful statements that despite society calling him impotent, he was able to be freely sexual and sensitive as a black man. Also, another statement that his message is more important than speculating over his skin color.


They don’t really care about us

By saying “they” Mike is talking about the government. He knew that the system is corrupt against blacks and people of color, and not just in the United States, but worldwide. In the Rio version, Michael highlighted the poverty of POCs there and danced with the Olodum band, which is part of an Afro-Brazilian group that fights for the rights for Afro Brazilian people, a movement for Black Pride. In the prison version of TDCAU, Michael highlights how the U.S. Government abuses black citizens and throws them in jail, how racist officers are always able to get away with murdering a person of color because the system is corrupt.


🎶Tell me what has become of my rights
Am I invisible because you ignore me?
Your proclamation promised me free liberty, now
I’m tired of bein’ the victim of shame
They’re throwing me in a class with a bad name
I can’t believe this is the land from which I came

“Am I invisible because you ignore me?”

The first sentence refers to a quote from Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, where the main character is a black man who feels invisible because the white people around him  refuse to acknowledge him or his humanity.

“I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me. Like the bodiless heads you see sometimes in circus sideshows, it is as though I have been surrounded by mirrors of hard, distorting glass. When they approach me they see only my surroundings, themselves or figments of their imagination, indeed, everything and anything except me.”
― Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man

This quote is interesting because it nails Mike’s situation perfectly-people refuse to see MJ as he really is, and are blinded, or refuse to look deeper and realize there is a human being they are trying to drag through the mud all for the sake of money. I wrote a bit more about how MJ used his Vitiligo for awareness and as a statement here.


There’s nothing really pro black about the lyrics. It’s in the video where we see that MJ tried to represent Ancient Egyptians mj RTT accurately, especially Nefertiti, played by the supermodel Iman. MJ always made it a point to hire dancers who had the ancestry of the culture they were representing (he did that in Black or White too), and though some thick heads may argue that MJ was appropriating Ancient Egyptian culture (which he was not), you can’t claim to know MJ’s full ancestral history. We know he was able to trace his roots back to the Agni tribe on the Ivory Coast. Furthermore, MJ was not “playing dress up” with a culture. He treated it with much reverence and respect and it is evident he studied Africa a lot.

Anyway, back to the topic. One thing that I notice about Michael’s work is that he always has a diverse cast and mostly black women as his love interest *wiggles eyebrows*. You Rock My World, for example, felt like they were in a club where black people could be carefree. I’m not sure, maybe I’m reading it wrong. Remember the Time is always a breath of fresh air to watch because you realize Hollywood really likes to whitewash history, especially when it comes to talking about Ancient Egypt. (side-eyes Elizabeth Taylor). Another thing? MJ did not portray every Ancient Egyptian as a king or queen. There were servants and common folk as well. Hoteps, don’t get any ideas!😉

mj dap gif

MJ gave that brotha dap


This short film is based on a true story of a Black boy named Daryl, who was killed by his friends for refusing to live in a lifestyle of gang banging. Michael heard about it in the papers and decided to use the story for his short film. MJ plays the role of Daryl. Basically, Michael brings awareness to the fact that Daryl probably lived at home with his mom always at work to put food on the table. I know MJ could identify with being poor. He was born in a poor part of Indiana and his parents worked many exhausting jobs. Music and education kept him and his siblings out of trouble, and education kept Daryl out of trouble too. I think the message Mike was trying to convey to black youth during that time, was to stay in school and find an outlet that will keep you out of trouble.


This film oozes Carefree black children. I didn’t get the message behind this film until a couple months ago. Before, I just thought it was a cool video, like always. Jam is an embodiment of how black youth express themselves, whether it be dance, sports, rapping, music, or play, as evidenced in the beginning of the film where we see the little black boy with the hat playing with a ball. Jam lets you know that despite the challenges you face “it ain’t too much for me to jam!” You can express yourself and be yourself. You have permission to let your frustrations fuel your creative outlets.


🎶 She asked the man in blue, how its it that you get to choose, she innocently questioned why, why her father had to die? You saw he didn’t run, and that my daddy had no gun.

These lyrics are so chilling to hear, ever since the Black Lives Matter movement began last year. It reminds me that it doesn’t matter how rich you are. As a black person, the police will still brutalize you. They brutalized, harassed, and planted evidence on MJ. They shot so many unarmed black people this year. They terrorized so many children and a lot of police officers are a part of the KKK. Racism is still alive and well, and it should not be that way.


Not many people know that MJ bought the rights to black artists’s music and returned those stolen rights to the original owner. Mike spoke once about how promotion companies would take advantage of black artists and they would end up bankrupt because they were cheated out of their deal and stolen from. He spoke about how SONY was trying to do that to him when he was alive, and also exposed SONY for its racist employees. Michael was smart. He bought the Beatles and Elvis catalogs, and businessmen coveted it, which is why MJ believed Sony came out with those slanderous allegations and rumors about him. He made sure to give artists of color representation. MJ broke racial barriers by becoming the Greatest Artist of all time, a Black man did that! He and other pioneers were responsible for Black artists being featured on predominantly white radio and TV stations. Without them, we would would not be able to take credit for the music that African Americans have created.


It is frustrating to hear narrow minded comments about MJ from people who say that MJ wanted to be white. First of all, not only does it show how shallow your mind is, but you also do MJ a huge disservice by insulting his intelligence. MJ was not disconnected from the world. Adults called him aloof because he wasn’t paying them any attention. MJ tried to heal the sick children because he felt like their innocence should not be destroyed, and they shouldn’t suffer. He payed cynical adults no mind.

Neither Michael’s vitiligo, his surgeries, or who he married/the color of his children’s skin determines whether MJ hated his race or not. He did suffer from some confidence issues, just like any normal person would. He didn’t have as much surgery as the media said he did, and if you still think he bleached his skin, you must not be able to read because there is a lot of information on the internet about Vitiligo and the type MJ had. He could not have had a bunch of surgery because he also had Lupus, which would have prevented his skin from healing correctly. To open that up time after time would probably cause him to have horrible complications. I wrote more about Mike’s Vitiligo here.

As previously stated, Michael Jackson was a very intelligent person. People would describe his uncanny ability to notice everything going on in a room, and he was a voracious reader. He read stacks of books at a time and his library in Neverland Ranch had nearly 10,000 books, including many on Black/African History. He had such reverence for Black tradition and for the continent of Africa. Below are just some of the books from his Neverland library.

“They manipulate our history books. The history books are not true! It’s a lie! The history books are lying. You need to know that. You must know that. All the forms of popular music: From jazz to hip-hop, to bebop to soul. You talk about the different dances from the cake walk to the jitterbug to the Charleston to break dancing. All these are forms of BLACK dancing!…The minute I started breaking the all-time record in record sales—I broke Elvis’s records, I broke Beatles records—the minute it became the all-time best-selling album in the Guinness Book of World Records,
OVERNIGHT they called me a freak, they called me a homosexual, they called me a child molester, they said I bleached my skin! They made everything to turn the public against me!
This is all a complete conspiracy.
I know my race! I just look in a mirror. I know I’m black!”

-Michael Jackson’s anti-racism Speech at the National Action Headquarters in Harlem, NY.

After considering all of this information and actually studying the man in depth, it’s ridiculous for anyone to say that MJ didn’t want to be associated with his own people, or that he had internalized hatred for his race. If you know the truth behind his medical conditions, what he studied, the time period he was born in, and his true message, you’ll completely understand that Michael Jackson was very pro black, open minded and woke.

A Letter


All I wanted to do
Was turn on a light in the darkness.
And you extinguished it.
You got mad because
I turned on a light
You attacked me personally
Because I turned on a light
In the darkness.

Whenever I defend my light
It’s a problem
I’m shut down,
Things are thrown back in my face
Things I never did, things I can’t do
You use your ability to function against me
And make me feel like I’m insane,
Warped, twisted, illogical
Babbling like a fool.
According to you, I’m selfish for not being able to function like you.
According to you,  nothing I do is even remotely correct.
So I doubt myself and my own intentions.

You can insult me and forget, I can’t.
You forget what you say, but you sure do remember my short comings.
You fall asleep easily while I cry in the darkness.

And you wonder why I have trust issues.

Always invalidating me, calling me crazy, in need of therapy, just because I’m defending myself from your disrespect?
Why am I supposed to let people treat me like I’m nothing?
Why am I supposed to trust someone who supposedly “has my good intentions at heart”, yet always tells me that my mind is warped,  and anything I say invalid?

Right now, you’d be reading this and you’re already figuring out how you can dismiss it.
You won’t listen.
You have no idea how my mind works, and I’m hesitant to open up to people I no longer trust with my thoughts and emotions.
They aren’t precious to you, obviously. I’m not even going to argue anymore, I’m just going to sit here and take whatever meanness anyone has to take out on me.
I’ll continue to let you call me self centered, lazy, trifling,  jobless, crazy, twisted and illogical.
I understand why you’d get frustrated with me.
After all, I don’t contribute any positivity to the household.

I’m just a cloud that no one wants to be under.

I prayed to God to end my life yesterday night, in the darkness.
My soul is tender and raw to the point where I can’t take it anymore.
I’m sorry for not being enough, doing enough.
I’m sorry for turning on the light.

(C) 2015 Taylor A. Jackson