Petition to the FBI- About Justice for Michael Jackson!!!

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Why is it A Crime? #MJfam #MichaelJackson

As a huge fan of Michael Jackson and music in general, why is it that when fans of the late King of Pop express our love and admiration for the person responsible for changing the face of music as it is, that we are ridiculed? Either his name is a source of admiration and praise, respect, awe, or downright scandal. Why is a world renowned, professional genius and master of music, regarded with such distaste by some? Why is it that his fans are afraid to mention him as someone they look up to? He was a great role model, and his credentials in the music industry speak for themselves. Why is it that he is not taken seriously as a music artist, composer, dancer, and overall entertainer? He is and never will be a joke. I’ll tell you what he is; a threat.

His talent alone does not make him a worthy role model, it’s his giving heart. Jackson was recognized as the most charitable celebrity by Guiness world records, donating over 300 million dollars during his lifetime, and also creating his Neverland home for the less fortunate. He helped cancer kids, leukemia kids, supported and funded children’s education, and even served as a mentor. He was humble, he never boasted about his accomplishments, and he never tried to make his charity about him. There are stories of his generosity and loving heart that the public will never get to hear. We will never see such a gem like Michael Jackson again. In a way, it’s kind of sad to think that, but it also reminds us that who we had on this earth was just that special and rare. He will not be appreciated by everyone, but at the end of the day the negativity doesn’t matter. He came here and did for others. He broke records and set the bar to an impossible standard. Just because he is no longer here doesn’t mean our love for him will fade. Ever. He is and always will be the greatest, and no matter where you turn, his influence is there.

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How is it Possible?

Death confuses me.
How does one cease to exist?
To smile?  To laugh?
To feel? To cry?
To dream?

To love? To touch?
To taste? To kiss?
How does your smile become dust?
The sparkle of your eyes fade into the void?
How does your laughter fade away on the wind? Never to be heard again?
Why does your blood and tears dry into the ground?

(That’s all I have so far. It’s a draft.) Dedicated to Michael.


You stab my heart with the burning arrow of malice.
you pierce my broken heart with the sword of cruelty.

And your insults could fill many a chalice.

My heart is burning
because I’m angry.

I’m battered and bruised.
I’m mentally abused.

No matter how I try to heal
It’s always destined you would steal

the only things are dear to me
My life, love and creativity.

Enough with it all
Or I will fall.

I’m injured.

-Taylor Arlette Jackson 2008



Nice and cold and crisp in the mornin’
Clear blue skies and cold rivers runnin’

Leaves that crunch
and become other colors.

Hot chocolate nights
with father and mother.

Extra big jackets
With fur on the inside.

Warm winter boots
that help you play outside.

Starry black nights
And a strawberry moon.

Sometimes copper
Sometimes white

Or we have a full moon.

-Taylor Arlette Jackson 06/16/2011


Dense October orange Woods
Filled with colors wistful
Trees a sawyin’
Winds doin’ a whistle.
Deep rich browns
Are all around me
Colors of my memory.
Stinging air
Leaves in pairs
Are falling from sleeping trees.
Reds oranges, browns (a couple of greens)
violets and crisp blue skies
Colors becoming a melange
That is appealing to my brown eyes.

2011 Taylor A. Jackson

The Fuckery

What kind of logic is this: saying that if you aren’t diagnosed officially with depression, then there’s nothing wrong with you and implying that you’re just trying to get attention, pity, make someone feel sorry for you, trying to feel special or that you are entitled? What is this fuckery? So if you’re not diagnosed or if you’re scared to get help, you just want to be babied? That I want to be depressed? Okay. 😒

When Will it Stop?

Society are the ones abusing our children,  grooming them, desensitizing them to sex and violence, objectifying them, selling a “product” to them.

That’s why there is gang violence, rape, rape culture, victim blaming. Sex sells. Materialistic values are being taught through television, propaganda from mainstream channels, artists, etc.

It’s in our music, on TV, in magazines and movies. We are brainwashing and abusing our children.  We are not instilling any values into them. We are not letting them think for themselves, but to be taught by a screen.  When will we stop abusing or children?

2014 Taylor A. Jackson

(Unfinished draft)

Michael Jackson’s Innocence (for DUMMIES)

1. Michael Jackson had Vitiligo and Discoid Lupus. He was diagnosed with Lupus in 1984. #fact

2. Michael Jackson is recorded as the most charitable celebrity, supporting over 39 charities and giving over $300 million during his life. Fact.

3. Michael Jackson was aquitted of 14 counts of molesation in 2005. The families in 1993 and 2005 were shown to be extoritonists. Fact.

4. There were over 4,000 media outlets who only reported for the prosecution in the 2005 trial. Fact.

5. Diane Dimond and Victor Gutierrez (a known pedophile and NAMBLA member), were both sued by MJ in the 90s for slander. Jackson won the suit against them. Diane Dimond was able to get out of paying with the help of Tom Sneddon. Victor Gutierrez had to pay so he filed bankruptcy and fled the country. Fact.

6. Tom Sneddon falsified evidence in the 2005 molestation trial. In the form of Gavin Arvizo’s fingerprints. Fact.

7. The Santa Barbara police dept. Tried to force children into saying Michael Jackson had inappropriately touched them. Fact.

8. Many media outlets had already pre filmed or planned to pre film Michael Jackson’s guilty verdict In 2005. Fact.

9. An excessive 70 sheriff’s were used to do a raid on Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch in 2003. Fact.

10. Michael Jackson had no control over the 1993 settlement.The obligation to pay the Chandlers was on MJs insurance company. Fact.

11. Michael Jackson’s ex-employees were shown to have been offered money to say that they had seen inappropriate activity from Jackson. The employees accepted money to say that they had seen Jackson doing inappropriate things at his ranch.

12. Michael Jackson’s thoughts while heavily intoxicated by Conrad Murray was to build a children’s hospital. Fact.

13. NO child pornography was found in Michael Jackson’s home. It was searched by the Sant. Barbara sheriffs and the FBI. Fact.

14. Michael Jackson the King of Pop’s FBI files can be found at they state ‘NOTHING FOUND’ on any of his computers. Fact.

15. Michael Jackson’s autopsy file confirms he had vitiligo. It can be accessed here: Fact.

16. Jordan Chandler described Jackson’s genitals incorrectly. He said he was circumcised when his autopsy reveals he wasnt. Fact.

17. Janet Arivizo had won a settlement against JCPenney for claims that its employees had sexually abused her. This was prior to meeting Michael Jackson. Fact.

18. Janet Arvizo was shown to be guilty of welfare fraud. The Arvizo family was proven to hustle celebrities. Her sick son’s medical bills were already covered by their insurance plan, but she was a skilled con artist. Some examples of the celebrities they conned money from: Jay Leno, Chris Tucker, and George Lopez. Fact.

19. After the 1993 settlement was paid to the Chandler family, Evan chandler was accused of molesting one of his clients. Fact.

20. Evan Chandler used the dangerous drug sodium amytal to implant false memories of molestation in his son’s mind. Fact.

21. Michael Jackson repeatedly stated that he would let his guests share his bed, which meant he would sleep on the floor. Fact.

22. A lot of people incorrectly associate homosexuality with pedophilia. 96 percent of pedophiles are heterosexual. Now, to refer this to Michael Jackson, he was heterosexual. And yet proven not to be a pedophile, yet the media tried to focus on his relationships with boys, implying that homosexulaity = pedophilia.

23. Wade Robson was a staunch defender of Michael Jackson in the 2005 trial. He now claims he was coached over the phone. However, there was no cell reception at Neverland, and Jackson’s phones were tapped by the FBI. Fact.

24. The Dept.Of Children and Family Services psychologists interviewed Michael Jackson and said he did not fit the profile of a pedophile. Fact.

Once again I say Michaels fans are not delusional and are perfectly capable of being logical. If Michael Jackson was a pedophile, I would NOT support him. Fact.

Want to read more evidence? Skeptical? Read here and here please.